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Organic Comfort Khaki
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Organic Comfort Socks in Khaki Mood

Organic Comfort in Khaki: Modern Organic Socks

Organic Comfort socks in khaki with a terry sole make you feel like you are walking on a bed of green moss. These organic socks are smoother and more comfortable than any other.

  • Soft feel thanks to terry sole
  • Comfort band to prevent them cutting in
  • Made in Italy
  • 80% cotton (GOTS®-standard organic cotton), 18% polyamide, 2% elastane (Lycra®)
  • Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibers


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very comfortable socks
May 16, 2021
Jean-Louis F., Montreux

Fairtrade Organic Cotton

I am a pair of Organic Comfort socks, and I am made of organic cotton from Egypt. This cotton is certified to the international GOTS® standard, ensuring adherence to strict environmental and social criteria all the way from cultivation through to production.


Long Fibers for a Long Life

My cotton comes from Egypt. What makes this organic cotton so special is its long fibers. This is a huge plus, as it means I do not produce any fluff. Organic Comfort socks like me are made in Italy from 80% organic cotton, 18% polyamide and 2% elastane.


Why Polyamide?

We socks live in a damp, warm climate between your shoes and your feet. Every step causes friction. So, to ensure we are long-lasting, our sole, heel and toe areas are strengthened with polyamide. But there are no artificial fibers used anywhere else, to guarantee maximum comfort.


Various Colors

I am available in five colors: classic black, subtle gray, fresh blue, elegant khaki and sporty white. The choice is yours.


Also in a Sneaker Version

My closest relatives are the Organic Sneaker socks. They are available in the same colors and materials, but these sneaker socks are naturally a little more subtle since they are hidden in your shoes.

See Organic Sneaker Socks


100% Skin-Friendly & Allergy-Tested

I am good for you, your feet and your skin: and to prove it, I passed the test for the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

This standard says that I am 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. This is important, since we often forget that socks are worn directly against the skin in a damp, warm climate subjected to friction.


Paper Packaging

I am packaged in a small paper bag to protect me from dirt. Protection is important to ensure that I reach you in all my glory. Plastic has been out since January 2020. Isn’t that much better? And if you recycle the paper, that would be even better still.


Climate-Neutral Shipping from Switzerland

I am shipped by Swiss Post using the ‘Pro-Clima’ label, which ensures carbon-offset shipping. My journey to you is completely climate-neutral. And the best bit: this is at no additional cost to you. You just get free, speedy deliveries like always.