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Black socks

High quality materials - Made in Portugal - Oeko-Tex

Welcome to the world of black socks since 1999! As pioneers in online fashion, we are proud to present our finest collection of black socks. Discover timeless and durable socks that exude quality and comfort with every step.



" Simply a must-have. I can only recommend it to others. Consistent top quality for years. "

Calf socks Classic in black

" The classic! Indestructible, comfortable, with a great shape and the only thing that goes on my feet. "

Business Light Socks in black

" Super satisfied. Durable, extremely comfortable with a soft feel. "

Organic Comfort Socks in black

Black socks since 1999

It all started in 1999 with black socks. Since then, we have always paid attention to the quality of our socks and the wishes of our customers. In the meantime, our range and thus also the men's ankle has been mixed up with colors. However, appearing classic and elegant with black socks has never gone out of fashion. On the contrary: the selection of black socks has become ever larger.

Long and short black men's socks

When looking for black socks, length plays an important role. There are three lengths in our range: up to the knee, up to the calf or up to the ankle.

The black Knee High Socks made of mercerized cotton are particularly suitable for formal events or business days. The black ones have been with us right from the start Calf socks Classic with their ribs, which many people like to wear in their free time. Smooth socks in black, on the other hand, go well with a suit and support you step by step in everyday business life. Do you prefer a more sporty look? No-show socks such as our invisible socks or short sneaker socks adapt perfectly to your foot inside the shoe.

The right wool for every situation

Our black socks made from cashmere or merino wool are warm and temperature-regulating. You can also choose between different types of cotton: Pima cotton, organic cotton or mercerized cotton. The latter gives black men's socks a beautiful sheen and a pleasantly light feel. Which black socks are right for you?


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