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Dress code casual

Which socks go with casual?

Which socks go with the "casual" dress code?

You don't necessarily need a tie or tight suit pants to do professional work. In the age of internet services, you can also earn money from the comfort of your own home after or before putting on your everyday clothes.

We know Zuckerberg with his hoodie, Jobs' turtleneck sweater was his trademark and Musk likes a qualified appearance. Doing your job and doing it well doesn't depend on what you wear. So why is there always this circus about the dress code?

You don't know which socks you can wear for casual? It can also be more colorful. Show off your personality with patterned and colorful socks.

Why do we need "casual"?

Dress codes may have had other reasons in their origins, but today they are primarily there to give us a guideline when we face important clients in the office or are invited to upscale events.

With a smart appearance in a tuxedo or tailcoat, we show the organizer our respect and at the same time appreciate being invited. This may be the case with "black tie", but what is "casual wear" good for?

We separate events or places where a smart appearance is crucial from our private surroundings. Business from "everything else". Toasting with your boss at a barbecue, watching your mother-in-law blow out the birthday candles or accepting an informal invitation for a "Cüpli" with work colleagues: "casual wear" emphasizes comfort and personal style, because these two attributes are more important for the situation in question than formality.


T-shirts, jeans and sneakers: The "casual" dress code does not impose a ban on these elements. As a general rule, only clean clothing should be selected, without frayed or obviously damaged areas. Flip-flops, shorts or baggy items of clothing such as jogging bottoms or hoodies are less or not at all desirable. On the other hand, too tight cuts are bound to make you feel uncomfortable, which is why "casual wear" includes loose, airy fits (so-called casual fit).

Fabrics such as denim, cotton, flannel, linen and polyester are often seen and can be combined with more luxurious fabrics such as silk and cashmere. Chiffon, brocade and velvet, on the other hand, quickly look too elegant. When choosing clothes, it is helpful to think about who is inviting you, who is coming and what the mood is likely to be like.

"Casual at work

The informal dress code is increasingly being seen in the business environment and is replacing classic dress codes such as "business casual" or "business attire", particularly in small, family-run companies, young start-ups, creative professions or the fashion industry. In fashion professions, it is even desirable for employees to emphasize their personality with the freedom that this dress code brings.

Depending on the philosophy and values behind a company, uniformed employees of such a company would be misleading to outsiders.

Confident with colorful socks

The "casual" look allows you to show your personality. Colorful or patterned socks are a popular option that can be combined with the colors of the outfit as the mood takes you.

With colorful socks as a basis, there are plenty of options for new clothing compositions, allowing anyone with a healthy dose of self-confidence and a little bit of combinatorial skill to express their own style.

"Casual" for women

In warm temperatures, women can wear a summer dress, a skirt with a shirt or long trousers with a top. Pay attention to the hem of the skirt, which should not end too far above the knee. A cardigan or cardigan works just as well as a blazer. Women should be aware that a blazer enhances the outfit, making fewer accessories necessary. Otherwise, jewelry can easily give a simple outfit that certain something.

Dress code guide

The dress code guide will get you through everyday life in style. With a wealth of knowledge about the dress codes casual, smart casual, business casual, business attire, black tie and white tie, you will be prepared for any situation.

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