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People & the environment

For the environment: smaller footprint

The cultivation of textile raw materials, especially cotton, requires a lot of water and energy. The consumption of energy leads to CO2. In addition to the production of raw materials, every stage of processing plays a role. The best thing for the environment is for products to be produced in an environmentally friendly way and to last as long as possible. Accordingly, we develop products with a long service life and process the raw materials exclusively in Europe. 

Packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. We have been consciously moving away from plastic packaging since 2019. Delivery in Switzerland is CO2 neutral because it is offset. The plastics we use to reinforce the products are also offset. The outstanding quality increases the lifespan of our products. 

We take care of

a long service life by design

Socks live under adverse conditions. They are trapped between foot and shoe. Friction occurs when walking. The strain is not the same in every area. That's why we only use first-class raw materials for our socks & underwear: Egyptian cotton, Egyptian organic cotton or Australian merino wool. In order to achieve a high level of comfort and longevity, the products are skillfully reinforced. 

We take care of

High-quality raw materials

We only use first-class raw materials with long fibers for our socks. This ensures that the socks do not fluff and that our customers can enjoy them for a long time. If we used recycled cotton, we would not be able to guarantee this. Our cotton and organic cotton come from Egypt. We source the processed merino wool from Australia. The wood for our modal products comes from Austrian beech forests, which are sustainably managed. The polyamide comes from Spain and the elastane from Italy. 

We take care of

the processing in Europe

Since our beginnings in 1999, we have processed the raw materials throughout the entire manufacturing process exclusively in Europe. The yarns for our socks are spun, finished and dyed in northern Italy. The socks are then knitted in Portugal. The strict environmental and work regulations, which are also monitored and implemented, ensure that no toxins enter the water and pollute the environment. Employee protection is also guaranteed. That is important to us. 

We take care of

Short distances & less transportation

As the distances are short, we save on long transportation routes. Long transportation routes mean more energy consumption, which in turn means more CO2 emissions. With the short distances in Europe, we save on transportation and emit less CO2. 

We take care of

Packaging-free logistics

Our products can be ordered in different packaging sizes. This means that every product needs protective packaging to ensure that it reaches the customer in perfect condition. We have been packaging our socks in paper since 2019 and our underwear and T-shirts from 2023. The paper and shipping packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard and is produced in Switzerland. Please recycle the paper bags and cardboard boxes for the sake of the environment. 

We take care of

CO2 compensation during delivery 

All our products are stored, packaged and shipped in Switzerland. Within Switzerland, shipping is carried out by Swiss Post. Swiss Post strives to permanently reduce CO2 emissions. What cannot be reduced is offset. This means that the delivery of your socks, underwear and T-shirts in the domestic market is CO2 neutral.

We take care of

Few returns

We have hardly any returns. This is partly due to the underwear product category, but also to the permanent quality controls. Clear product descriptions and sensible marketing hardly ever lead to ill-considered impulse purchases that are corrected by returns. If goods are returned, we repackage them or pass them on free of charge to those in need. 


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