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The most important dress codes

Which socks go with which dress code?

Dress codes are a science in themselves. The gradations range from casual, slightly formal, formal and very formal to highly official and very formal. It is important that the clothing is always adapted to the event, circumstances, age and figure. In general, contrasts (black and white) look more professional than tone-on-tone combinations. Whether in everyday business or private life, it is important to avoid putting your foot in your mouth.

Socks with cartoon characters, childish tie-dye patterns and oversized company logos have no place in the business world. Clothes must not be too tight, too loose or too old-fashioned. Visibly bare calves, white socks, brown shoes with a black suit or suspenders at an evening gala are also taboo.

Dress code casual

Casual means casual clothing. Not to be confused with the well-known baggy look. For example, a shirt or polo shirt with jeans or chinos is the order of the day. You can safely leave your tie in the closet.

Business casual" dress code

Business casual" is the dress code for casual business lunches, after work or on a business trip. The jeans stay in the closet and elegant trousers take their place. A classic suit with a plain shirt, tie and knee-high socks is also sufficient.

Smart casual" dress code

The dress code between sportiness and light elegance allows a wider range of options. You don't necessarily need a dark suit and tie. Cloth or corduroy trousers, a shirt or polo shirt with a jacket are suitable here. Jeans in a dark color are also fine. More information on "Smart Casual" can be found here.

We have the right socks for every dress code!

Business Attire" dress code

A serious and elegant appearance is expected in business life. Wear a dark single or double-breasted suit, a plain shirt, a tie and matching socks. The jacket should only be removed if it is too hot. Visible, bare skin between socks and trouser hems is also an absolute no-go when sitting down. Find out more about the "Business Attire" dress code here.

Dress code "Black Tie / Cravate Noire"

Dark clothing is always appropriate for a festive occasion. Here you combine a black tux with vest or cummerbund with a white dinner shirt and, of course, a black bow tie. With the "Black Tie / Cravate Noire" dress code, you will be well dressed at any festive evening event.

Dress code "White Tie / Cravate Blanche"

The more festive the occasion, the more elegant the dress code. For "White Tie / Cravate Blanche", a tailcoat is required. You wear a white dress shirt and a white, hand-tied silk bow tie - never a tie. You will even look good at the Vienna Opera Ball in this outfit.

Dress code guide

The dress code guide will get you through everyday life in style. With a wealth of knowledge about the dress codes casual, smart casual, business casual, business attire, black tie and white tie, you will be prepared for any situation.

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