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a continuous assortment

Save time with timeless socks

If the wardrobe were a rock band, socks and underwear would be the drummer. They set the beat. So it's all the more important that the beat is consistent. It is reliable. It's always there when you need it. Just like our range. 

As a result, you will usually still find your favorite product with us years later, naturally in the same high quality.

Your advantages:

  • Save timeWe make your choice easier with a few selected favorite models that you can find again years later.
  • qualityYou are not buying trends, but durable and high-quality products.
  • EnvironmentYou leave a smaller footprint - fewer returns and no leftover items that end up in the bin.

For you

we make the selection easier

We spend the whole day with socks and underwear apart. You could say we breathe socks. And with all our accumulated knowledge, we want to find the selection for you. Our range is therefore small but mighty. But they all have one thing in common: high quality, durable and manufactured with great attention to detail.

For you

we do it very slowly

We make slow fashion for you. This is the opposite of fast fashion and mountains of textile waste. Since our beginnings, we have focused on production in Western Europe, timeless designs, natural materials, high quality and durability. Good basics do not follow trends. And so you will find all your favorite products in the same high quality year after year.

For you

time stands still

Our socks and underwear should have time to grow on you. That's why they are here to stay. So you will usually find your favorite product even after years years later, naturally in the same high quality. It's even easier with a subscription.

For you

we carry innovation in our hearts

Don't worry, time doesn't stand still completely. We are and will remain sock and e-commerce pioneers with an entrepreneurial spirit at heart. But we innovate for the long term. We want to be able to stand behind every product even in ten years' time. The result? For example our socks and underwear made from organic cotton since 2011.

Your questions

Why is a permanent range better?

Our designs have been the same for years. This means that you can find your favorite products in exactly the same high quality and in the right size even years later. The long wearing times of our socks and underwear, as well as a minimal return rate, also protect the environment.

Does the range really never change?

We don't introduce products for one season. It can happen that a product no longer sells well, in which case we develop it further or launch something new.

Our Calf socks Classic since 1999


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