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Pima cotton

Why is Pima cotton better?

Pima cotton owes its name "silk of South America" to its silky-fine, particularly long fibers. It is precisely these exceptionally long fibers that make it one of the highest quality cotton yarns available.

Pima cotton is particularly widespread in Peru. But we source ours even closer - from Egypt. It is extremely resistant to fungal infestation and requires less pesticide treatment. This protects the fibers and the environment.

Your advantages:

  • Feels extremely pleasant and soft on the skin
  • Particularly long fibers

Only the best for you

Our Calf socks Classic have been the bestseller of our sock range. Much of this is certainly due to the fine Pima cotton. Try the calf socks for yourself.

Is Pima cotton also your top choice?

Softer than any other cotton

Pima cotton feels extremely pleasant and softer on the skin than other cotton, but is still hard-wearing.

It is precisely this softness that makes the big difference in textiles such as socks, underpants and T-shirts that are worn directly against the skin. Pima cotton ensures maximum comfort and a supple material.

Boxer shorts like silk

All our underpants (boxer shorts and briefs) are made from the finest Egyptian Pima cotton. The material hugs the body perfectly and ensures a perfect fit. optimum fit.

Experience this comfort for yourself.

Goodbye lint!

The Pima cotton used has extra long fibers. These fibers do not come loose when the yarn is spun, so that no lint (also known as pilling) can form.

The material remains durable even in warm and humid climates and under the influence of friction. Your socks, underpants and T-shirts will therefore retain their perfect fit even after repeated washing.

How strong are you?

If you're really strong, you're not afraid of softness. 

So if we ask you how strong you are, your answer is: strong enough for soft underwear.

Our other materials

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