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Made in Portugal

The origin of our socks and underwear

We don't want to hide the origin of our socks and underwear. Quite the opposite! We are proud to say that all our products are produced very close by - in Portugal. We don't have to travel far for quality!

Portuguese roots

Our socks are all knitted at the Rohner Socks production center in Barcelos, Portugal. There, state-of-the-art knitting machines ensure the highest possible textile standard.

Don't be fooled by the French names. Our underpants and T-shirts are also sewn under the Portuguese sun - in a family business in the same region.

In addition to the high environmental, quality and labor standards, this also has the advantage that transport routes are short. Much less energy is consumed and therefore less CO2 is emitted. Win - win.

Question of principle

Since our beginnings in 1999, we have processed the raw materials throughout the entire manufacturing process exclusively in Europe. The yarns for our socks are spun, finished and dyed in northern Italy. The socks are then knitted in Portugal. The strict environmental and work regulations, which are also monitored and implemented, ensure that no toxins enter the water and pollute the environment. Employee protection is also guaranteed. That is important to us. 

The origin of our yarns

We also make no compromises when it comes to the sourcing and origin of our yarns. Our Pima cotton and GOTS®-certified organic cotton come from Egypt. We source the processed merino wool from Australia. The wood for our modal products comes from Austrian beech forests, which are sustainably managed. The polyamide comes from Spain and the elastane from Italy. 

The processing

The socks are knitted in one piece, then sewn together in the upper toe area and ironed. Only high-quality, certified yarns are used. The Oeko-Tex label assures you that the respective product is 100% allergy-tested and skin-friendly. This is particularly important for socks and underwear because we wear them on our skin all day long and they are exposed to various climatic conditions.

Made in Portugal



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