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Durable socks & underwear: less but better

Our socks and underwear are made to last. Okay, maybe not quite - but almost. Although underwear is simply a consumer product for many people, it is worth thinking about how it is made, as millions of textiles end up in a mountain of garbage every year. We want to fight against this. With durable socks and underpants that stand the test of time and retain their quality even after many sweaty hours on your skin and countless washes. 

In this way, we not only protect the environment, but also ensure that you have to spend less time shopping for socks and underwear. And how do we do that? Making a quality item starts with the choice of materials and ends with ironing the finished product. But see for yourself!

We rely on

good raw materials

We make no compromises when it comes to the sourcing and origin of our yarns. Our Pima cotton and GOTS®-certified organic cotton come from Egypt. We source the processed merino wool from Australia. The wood for our modal products comes from Austrian beech forests, which are sustainably managed. The polyamide comes from Spain and the elastane from Italy. 

We rely on

Long fibers for a long life

The fiber length of the processed yarns is important for the unique quality of our socks and underwear. The more compact they are, the more resistant they are to abrasion when woven. In addition, extra-long fibers ensure that they do not come loose when the yarn is spun, thus preventing linting.

This is not only noticeable in the durability of the socks and underwear, but also in their comfort!

We rely on

Made in Portugal

To be more precise, our socks are knitted and our underwear is sewn in Barcelos, Portugal. Production within Europe was already a major concern for us when the company was founded in 1999. As a matter of principle, and because you don't have to travel far for good quality. You can feel the mixture of careful workmanship, innovation and humanity in every pair of socks or underpants.

We rely on

the necessary reinforcement

The perfect textile composition of stable and durable socks sometimes requires drastic measures - for example the use of polyamide or elastane. These provide the necessary stability so that the socks retain their shape even after years and several washes, and reinforce the heel and toe area, where the load is much higher. The result: fewer holes, longer wearing time.

We rely on

High-quality colors

Color fastness is an important quality criterion for dyed textiles. Black in particular has a tendency to quickly turn gray and dull. We counter this with the highest quality dyes.

And, of course, the whole process takes place in Europe. The strict environmental and work regulations, which are also monitored and implemented, ensure that no toxins get into the water and pollute the environment. Employee protection is also guaranteed. That is important to us. 

We rely on

Attention to detail

Our socks are knitted as tightly as possible on state-of-the-art knitting machines with CNC control, which is a guarantee for quality socks and a long sock life. 

We also pay attention to the smallest nuances in underpants and T-shirts. All seams are extremely flat and labels are only sewn on the outside to guarantee optimum comfort.

We rely on

textile safety with Oeko-Tex®

Underwear is worn directly on the skin - so far so good. However, sweat and friction make the skin sensitive and susceptible to harmful substances and inferior colors in textiles.

Not with us! For maximum quality, our socks, underpants and T-shirts are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified and therefore 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. 


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