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When do your socks start to fade?

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When Do Your Socks Start to Fade?

When Do Your Socks Start to Fade?

Faded flowers end up in the compost. Sour milk goes down the drain. And old socks? They normally end up back on our feet. Put them on or chuck them out? Following are a few stages in the life of a sock which should make this decision easier for you.

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Phase 1: Just Arrived

As If Freshly Plucked

They are deep, rich black, have a shiny finish and feel wonderful. The yarn nestles against your feet and they quickly become your new favourite socks. They catch your eye in the drawer, even though you rarely find them there. You wear these newcomers at every opportunity as they mean you can just float your way through the day.


Phase 2: Worn in

In Full Bloom

After a little time on your feet and a few rounds in the washing machine, the socks really start to blossom. They don't smell new any more, they smell familiar. They are with you every step you take and are gradually reaching their peak. They get used so often they are bound to start showing signs of wear.


Phase 3: Worn Often

The Odd Touch of Grey

Tight shoes, hot washes, sweaty skin - your socks have to put up with a lot. It's no wonder that they are not as fresh as they used to be. The stars of the sock drawer have become just some of many. They are not quite as deep black as they used to be. For many sock-wearers, this is reason enough to trade them in for a newer model.


All You Have to Do Is Throw It Away

Life would be much easier if for every pair of socks thrown away new ones were delivered to the house. That's exactly what we thought when we introduced the sockscription! Receive socks from phase 1 on a regular basis.

Automate sock replenishment


Phase 4: Worn Through

They Love Me, They Love Me Not ...

When a flower loses its petals, it's the beginning of the end. And things aren't much better for socks. They begin to go bobbly. The fibres loosen from the yarn and hang off the socks like little knots. When they get to this stage, then "Get new socks" should slowly start making its way up your to-do list.

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Phase 5: Failed

When They Start Getting Thin

A flower which is nothing but a stalk and thus has little more to offer. A sock made of thin yarn and a couple of holes. The first one gets thrown away straight away. The second one gets put on tomorrow. There's no need to be ashamed. Most people wear socks to the bitter end and beyond.

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Phase 6: And Gone

Time to Say Goodbye

Are you one of those people who dry faded flowers and then put them up in your home? If so, you might find it difficult to say goodbye to your old socks. For everyone else: it's all over now! The things on your feet have more holes than colour and are an insult to any self-respecting sock.

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