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Cashmere Modal Socken in Blau
Cashmere Modal Socken in Blau
Blaue Cashmere Modal Socken
Socken aus Cashmere Modal in Blau

Cashmere Modal in Blue: A Reliable Companion

Redefining comfort: the secret to our blue cashmere modal socks is the high proportion of modal, combined with fine cashmere. Your feet will either be warm and cozy or nice and cool, whatever you need. The socks stay soft and comfortable even after multiple washes. The soft comfort band ensures a particularly pleasant fit.

  • Silky appearance and soft to the touch
  • Soft comfort band
  • Machine washable
  • Durable, keep their shape even after multiple washes
  • Modal fibers sustainably obtained from beech wood
  • 65% modal, 25% polyamide, 8% cashmere, 1% elastane


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Warmth from the Forest

I am made of modal. This is a natural, regenerative fiber made of 100% natural cellulose from beech wood. The beech wood used comes from certified sustainable forestry. The Austrian factory where I was made only uses wood that cannot be sent for higher end applications for quality reasons.

The LenzingTM manufactures modal fibers primarily using surplus renewable energy from processing. This means that producing me saves energy and resources.


Other Colors Available

Treat yourself to some daily luxury. To offer you a bit of variety, I am available not only in Blue, but also in three other colors. Whether classic black, luxurious gray, calming blue, or warm Bordeaux, you will have your moment of comfort.


Into the Washing Machine

Unlike pure cashmere socks, you can throw me into the washing machine to be washed. I am happiest at max. 40° C – this helps me remain soft even after multiple washes, so you can keep enjoying my silky smooth material.


Made in Europe

The wood comes from regional beech forests. The pulping and modal production processes are performed at the same site in Austria. Then, after a quick drive to Italy, they make me in a small sock factory.

Here, they create high-quality socks such as me with care and attention to detail. Three siblings are running the business in the second generation, ensuring that lots of socks turn out as well as me.