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Sock Box:
An Easy Choice That's Hard-Wearing
All in one
All in one

Can’t Decide? That's Not a Problem with Our Sock Boxes

We have to make decisions every day. As well as being stressful, a cacophony of opportunities can also leave us with analysis paralysis and unable to choose.

This is where sock boxes come in. The whole set of your favorite sock type in one box!

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Other Merino Wool Socks

Merino Wool Socks

Calf Sock Box: Are You a Classic Gentleman?

Calf socks are our oldest sock and a popular classic for gentlemen. These test winners are now available in nine colors, all brought together in this box. Are you a gentleman?

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Business Light Sock Box: Ready for Any Dress Code

Do you know the best place to wear Business Light socks? Everywhere – from your study at home to a large open-plan office space. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing: as well as plain and striped socks, you can also try half-striped designs. The surprise is revealed once you slip off your shoes.

Be prepared for any dress code with these nine Business Light socks.

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Invisible Sock Box: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Whether a city trip or active holiday, sometimes you end up taking thousands more steps than you planned when abroad. What is the best way to protect your feet from blisters? With socks, of course. But you won't be able to see them – all six designs of Invisible Socks hide cleverly in your shoes.

The main thing is that they put you in a good mood when you pull them on, and will keep you going on all sorts of wanderings.

Protect Your Feet

Other Funky Sock Boxes (Vol. 10-13), while stocks last!

Funky Sock Boxes (Vol. 10-13), while stocks last!

Funky Surprise Box: Be Surprised!

Sometimes it is nice and relaxing to let someone else make the decisions. The Funky Surprise Box will surprise you with two pairs of colorful socks every three months.

Let these bright colors give your mood a boost.

Surprise Me

Other Limited Editions in a Box (Vol. 6, 8 & 9)

Limited Editions in a Box (Vol. 6, 8 & 9)

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Which Socks Suit You?

Bring some order to your wardrobe, make space for something new and order fresh socks – but make sure they are the right ones.

Use our Sock Finder to find out which socks suit you and express your personality best.

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