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These socks won’t steal the show from your sneakers! Whether Shorty Sneaker, Invisible, Invisible Merino or Organic Sneaker, these socks won't slip down, and your feet are protected from rubbing but your ankles are still out in the fresh air.

Sneaker Socks for Men

Sneaker socks are perfect for low-cut men’s shoes or sports shoes. They keep your feet cool and ensure excellent support in your shoes. These short sneaker socks reach up no higher than your ankle and are available in a variety of designs and high-quality materials. 

The benefits of our sneaker socks:

  • Long-lasting thanks to a robust sole 
  • No annoying slipping down thanks to a spoiler or rubber dimples on the heel
  • Colors and designs ranging from classic to eye catching

Which Sneaker Socks Should I Choose?

We have the perfect socks for any sneakers:


Looking for Socks that Do Not Slip Down?

Do you get that horrible feeling as your socks start slipping down into your shoes? We don’t! Our ankle socks come with a small spoiler for clever anti-slip grip. Silicone dimples on the heels of our Invisible Socks offer the same effect. 

No-Show or Ankle Socks?

As the name suggests, Invisible Socks (no-show socks) are completely hidden in your shoes. This means that the socks never steal the show. For a more athletic look or higher-cut sneakers, we recommend our Shorty or Organic sneaker socks, which come up to your ankle.


Suffer from Sweaty Feet?

Our soft Pima cotton absorbs sweat and makes you feel like you're barefoot. Ensure an even more comfortable feel with our particularly fine Merino sneaker socks. These keep you warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to excellent heat regulation.

Subtle Colors or Bright and Bold?

Our Shorty and Organic sneaker socks are available in black, gray and other subtle colors to match your favorite sneakers. Invisible Socks, on the other hand, are hidden in your shoes. So why not brave some bold colors and patterns to put you in a good mood?

Only the Best Materials for Our Sneaker Socks

Organic Pima cotton – the Silk of South America

Pima cotton is the perfect choice for textiles like socks that are in direct contact with the skin. The material feels extremely comfortable and softer than other types of cotton, yet is still hard-wearing. The extra-long fibers also prevent any fluff from forming.

More About the Silk of South America

Sustainable Organic Cotton

The organic cotton in our Organic sneaker socks is certified to the ecological criteria of the GOTS® standard. Organic farming avoids the use of a range of harmful agricultural practices such as pesticides and monocultures. In the long run, organic cotton is better for our health and the Earth’s biodiversity.

What Really Sets Organic Cotton Apart

Merino Wool – Natural High-Tech

Merino wool is elegant, soft and particularly fine. It's breathable, odor-resistant and easy to care for. It's also excellent at removing moisture. Sneaker socks made of Merino wool do just as well on muggy summer days as they do in the dry winter cold. Truly multitalented!

What Makes Merino Wool so Special

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

We’ve covered it all. The choice is now yours. Order some trial socks or dive right in with a sockscription. Our sneaker socks are also available from sizes 34 and 35, meaning that women can give them a try too!

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Just perfect
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