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Sock size chart

Get the Right Size Socks with Our Sock Size Chart

Ever find yourself standing by the sock shelves without knowing your sock size? Or do you know what size socks you need, but not how to convert them into European or UK sizes? Our chart gives you the right socks on whatever scale you need.

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Find the Right Socks for Your Feet

Now you know how to convert into US sock sizes and find the right size socks for you. All you need now is the right socks: How about some short ones? Socks made from mercerized cotton or merino wool? Black or colorful? We would be happy to help you choose:

Socks in sizes 3½ – 6

Socks in sizes 5 – 13½

Socks in sizes 14 – 15½


Are Your Feet Small but Perfectly Formed?

Our sock sizes start at 3½-6 for the following sock types:

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Keeping You On Track

Those with sock sizes 5-13½ have the most choice in our range. There are also two options for buying your socks:

  1. Browse our sock shop under your size
  2. Find the ideal socks for you with the sock finder

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Sock Sizes for Larger Feet

We haven’t forgotten about big feet. Our sock sizes 14-15½ ensure a solution even for the larger-footed. Our range has the right socks for everyone.

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Overview of All Sock Sizes

        Europe   UK   US  
XS:   extra small   34-36   3 - 3½   3½ - 5  
S:   small   37-39   4½ - 6   5 - 6½  
M:   medium   40-41   6½ - 7½   7 - 8  
L:   large   42-44   8 - 9½   8½ - 10  
XL:   extra large   45-46   10 - 11   10½ - 11½  
XXL:   extra extra large   47-48   11½ - 12½   12 - 13½  
XXXL:   extra extra extra large   49-52   13 - 14½   14 - 15½  

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Living Large

If you are looking for big socks, then BLACKSOCKS is the right place for you. Find out more about our socks in larger sizes.

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