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Buying socks at the press of a button

BLACKSOCKS men’s underwear in a stylish chessboard pattern

Swiss online pioneer BLACKSOCKS’ sleek new collection of boxers is flying the flag for men’s underwear.

These checked boxer shorts made of the finest Pima cotton are the perfect style gambit, as well as offering a perfect, fantastically comfortable fit. These boxer shorts with a classic chessboard design are launching in August. First come, first served! The boxer shorts are available in the sizes S to XXL. Quick and simple with easy online ordering from BLACKSOCKS.

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Buying socks at the press of a button BLACKSOCKS launches its More button

Swiss e-commerce pioneer and the inventor of the sockscription BLACKSOCKS is taking things another step into the future and setting new standards for its customers. The introduction of the More button marks the beginning of shopping at the press of a button at BLACKSOCKS. No log in, no check out. Shopping couldn’t get any easier!

For Samy Liechti, comfort is the priority. With its More button, BLACKSOCKS is launching a product that is 100% focused on customer needs, easy to use and tailored to customers’ routines. Now, shopping can happen at the exact time and in the exact place that a need arises - like in your closet. Pressing the More button twice places your order. There’s no need for a smartphone, computer or tablet.

The More button is a further milestone for BLACKSOCKS, which has always been focused on innovation. The company shows what maximum customer service looks like. BLACKSOCKS has already demonstrated its innovative strength with its online subscription business model and Smarter Socks, which find their pair via an RFID chip after they come out of the wash.

Convenient shopping with the More button

Installing the More button is easy. First, you charge it using the USB cable provided and then connect it to your home Wi-Fi network via WPS. Next, you select the product you would like to buy with the More button on the BLACKSOCKS website. In addition to socks, the button can also be used to order underwear and T-shirts.

The active button can be placed wherever you choose at home. Pressing the button once will switch on a white light indicating that the button is ready. Pressing twice will place your order.

When processing the order, BLACKSOCKS uses the information that the customer has already provided such as their current address and payment preference. Orders made before 4pm will be shipped the same day. Order and shipping confirmation is sent via email.

Shopping made easy when out and about - even without the More button

You can also use a virtual button when you are out and about. You can click on this on the BLACKSOCKS app or website. The only requirement is that you must have a BLACKSOCKS account. Clicking twice places the order. All important information such as the price, design and size is clearly indicated before the order is placed.

Futuristic shopping is shopping at BLACKSOCKS today.

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With Some Magic (and Sleight of Foot), BLACKSOCKS Introduces the Invisible Sock

‘New York, NY (June 1, 2016) — The new wave rolling in this summer is not knee, calf or even ankle socks; it is the deceptive perception of no socks at all. BLACKSOCKS newest release—Invisible Socks—proves that there is always more than what meets the eye and it is in your shoes.

Invisible Socks are the most humble of socks as they hide in your shoes to give your legs a chance to shine. Made in Milan with high quality, silky Pima cotton, Invisible Socks ensure comfort, while doing the dirty work of an ordinary sock. Socks of this height are infamous for bunching, slipping and being downright irritating, but BLACKSOCKS has created the exception. With the introduction of Invisible Socks comes a little rubber innovation that goes a long way. Elastic waves are inserted onto the heels of the socks to keep them in place, so you will look and feel barefoot on even your longest of days.

With just one, quick sockscription and no extra fees for shipping and handling, BLACKSOCKS really puts the “free” back into free time! No more sock sorrows like toe-poking holes and mix matched pairs because a BLACKSOCKS sockscription offers a fashionable, yet comfortable sock delivery as many times a year as desired. Choices are not just limited to unique socks, such as the new Invisible Socks, as this innovative subscription service also carries fine undershirts, a line of boxer shorts and briefs, and shirts.

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The Swiss Online Pioneer Swiss Brand Museum: Exhibit with BLACKSOCKS

The Swiss Brand Museum is presenting the Zurich brand BLACKSOCKS as from 14 April 2016. The company, founded in 1999, is a pioneer of electronic commerce. BLACKSOCKS launched one of the world’s first Internet subscriptions and was one of Switzerland’s first professional e-commerce suppliers. The product has remained the same to this day: socks. Customers from over 92 countries–amongst them three Swiss federal councillorsrely on the regular deliveries. The BLACKSOCKS exhibit near the Bear Park in the old customs build-ing, which is protected by UNESCO, offers a unique glimpse into the fas-cinating world of BLACKSOCKS and places the brand within the context of the fast-paced Internet development of the last 20 years.

BLACKSOCKS and Its Early and Continued Internet Success The Swiss Brand Museum offers a unique glimpse into the workplace Switzerland with different permanent and alternating exhibits. Christian Herren, director of the Swiss Brand Museum, offers an invitation to a temporary exhibit about the BLACKSOCKS brand from 14 April to 29 May 2016. “This Swiss Internet pioneer received the renowned Coperincan Awardin New York already in 2005. Now it is time to present BLACKSOCKS to a greater public in Switzerland with a major exhibit. The Swiss Brand Museum team selected the company from more than 50 online brands. This progressive brand continues to be success-ful and innovative. BLACKSOCKS has recently even developed a sock that can ‘communicate with a Smartphone’” states Herren.

Samy Liechti, founder and CEO of BLACKSOCKS, says, “Basically, no-one likes to buy socks, but everyone always needs some. I have created an interface: If men don’t go to the socks, then the socks will come to the man.” As one of Switzerland’s first e-commerce businesses, BLACKSOCKS started a web shop without venture capital, but with the founder’s own savings. BLACKSOCKS not only offers the best quality socks in many variations, but also a unique service: the sock subscription. They deliver the desired socks directly to the customer at regular in-tervals, free of shipping. Meanwhile, socks in different colours and materials as well as under-wear, T-shirts and shirts are part of the BLACKSOCKS product line.

The Calf Sock at the Heart of Technological Progress

In addition to an original display of the broad product range, the Swiss Brand Museum exhibit presents the company’s unique origins. What did the Internet mean to you in 1999? The answer to this question is clear for BLACKSOCKS, because 1999 is the year the company was founded–10 years before Zalando and at a time when only 10% of Switzerland’s populationwas regularly using the Internet. Calf socks were there from the start. The classic calf sock is presented and highlighted by means of a clothesline that winds its way through the museum. The sock is accompanied by a timeline, beginning with BLACKSOCKS from its founding in 1999 to the present. Important and interesting historical events that, in some cases, happened at the same time as important milestones in the company’s history are artisti-cally presented in this timeline. Next to a display of the products and the BLACKSOCKS Chronology within the context of historical events, with a special focus on the Internet, individual and interesting anec-dotes about BLACKSOCKS are told in a creative display. Learn how BLACKSOCKS began because of a Japanese tea ceremony.