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Treat Yourself and Others
Gifts Tips
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Treat Yourself and Others

Gifts For You and Others

Finding the right present for men is not always easy. It should be something practical but also visually appealing. And if it is fun as well, so much the better!

A gift says a lot about both the recipient and the giver. This goes for gifts to friends and relatives, as well as for when you feel like treating yourself. Our gift ideas help you find the right gift and stand yourself in good stead.

Find the Perfect Gift


Discreet Style Advice

Some men just have more style than others. However, with a little outside help, even those with little fashion sense can learn how to dress well.

With the Business Light Box, you can give them nine pairs of light cotton socks in a variety of colors. The recipient can still choose what they wear, you are just giving them a nudge in the right direction.

Give Some Style Help


Give Freedom

Sometimes, maximum choice is the perfect gift. With a gift voucher, you leave the choice up to the recipient, but by opting for a voucher for the BLACKSOCKS online shop, you can always be confident your gift will have the right result.

Whether for socks, underwear or T-shirts, a voucher is a gift of boundless pleasure.

Let Them Decide for Themselves


Well Cared For

Give them a whole year of warm feet and ensure their days are free of any sock sorrows, with a gift sockscription!

Just select the ‘As a Gift’ option instead of ‘Add to Cart’ for the product of your choice, and you will be guided through the gifting process. The gift subscription lasts for a year and does not automatically renew.

Free Their Mind of Sock Sorrows


Surprisingly Suitable

The art of giving is to find an unexpected gift that is the perfect fit, so our Funky Surprise Box is the ideal gift for men who like to try something new but still stay on track.

With the Surprise Box, the recipient will receive two pairs of colorful socks from the Funky Socks collection every three months.

Give a Breath of Fresh Air


Hidden Treasures

The right outfit for an adventurer begins with underwear. The maritime stripes on our Delphine boxer shorts give you drive and an adventurous spirit.

Put fresh wind in your sails and explore new waters!

Set Sail


Practical Gifts

The most appreciated gifts are those that seem simple at first glance but end up having a big impact. With our merino socks, you are not only giving high-quality socks in elegant colors but also clothing that regulates temperature perfectly.

Show the recipient that you know how to give clever gifts, and that functionality and style are not mutually exclusive.

Give Some Meaning


Pampering for Men

Who doesn’t like being pampered? With our cashmere socks, you are giving a high-quality combination of 56% purest cashmere and 25% silk – making every day a spa day.

These socks are perfect for stylish men and show that you appreciate quality.

Order a Pampering Session

Good to Know

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Get Some Backup

You know the feeling: you have finally found the perfect basic T-shirt, but the next time you go to the store, the design has been discontinued.

With our socks, underwear and T-shirts, you can be sure that this design will stay in our range, and we will also supply you or the gift recipient with the desired items of clothing again and again – in the color of your choice.

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July 2023

No more prices like 24 years ago

In the summer of 1999 we started with the idea of offering black socks as a subscription. There were only two models: black calf socks and knee socks. The calf socks turned out to be a million-selling bestseller. The price for a socks subscription with 3 deliveries of 3 pairs each is CHF 98 per year, which is below the threshold of CHF 100.

As a Swiss supplier, we believe in Switzerland as a business location. Thus, we work exclusively with Swiss companies in the areas of warehousing, shipment preparation, shipping and shipping materials.

For a long time, we were able to compensate for their price increases through volume advantages or a lower euro exchange rate, so we never increased our prices. For our bestseller we never had to exceed the threshold of CHF 100.

In the last 2 years, raw material prices and energy costs in the EU have risen sharply, fueling inflation and driving up purchase prices. We are paying about 25% more. Now we are forced to increase our Swiss prices for the first time in 24 years and break the CHF 98 threshold on the bestseller.

This decision has not been easy for us. It is not a matter of maximizing profits, but of ensuring the continued existence of the company. Cutting back on quality or on Europe as a production location was never an option for us.

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