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Europe’s most extensive survey on sock-wearing

The truth about Europeans’ socks

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Europe’s most extensive survey on people sock-wearing

Who changes their socks only every couple of days? Who owns the most socks? And who prefers to leave it to mummy to buy socks? BLACKSOCKS knows the answers.

In six European countries, a total of 3,000 men and women were questioned. This representative study was carried out by the market research institute GfK Switzerland on behalf of BLACKSOCKS. The result is surprising and shows many differences within Europe. There is only one thing all the respondents of the six countries have in common: The older the people, the less frequently they don clean socks.


Italy: The most enthusiastic sock buyers

«Change is compulsory»

Who would have guessed that: in no other European country, people are as cleanly in terms of socks as in Italy.

One in ten people change socks even more than once a day. These Southern Europeans buy about 16 pairs of new socks each year. An Italian sock drawer contains an average of 17 pairs of socks.

Italian bestseller:

Merino wool socks


UK: The biggest mummy's boys

«Shopping is left to others»

Who buys new socks for British men? Neither their wives, nor their partners – it's their mothers!

Britons, who don’t buy socks on their own, often have their mothers buy them. When it comes to changing and buying socks, British men are ranked in the middle range of the survey. But this does not hold true in terms of shopping tactics, since they are unique and unparalleled!

British bestseller:

Cashmere silk socks


Switzerland: those who shy away the most from changing their socks

«Cleanliness is no virtue»

Switzerland, the tidiest country in the world. However, when it comes to changing socks, the tidiness comes to an end. There is no country where men change their socks as infrequently as in Switzerland.

Only 70% of the respondents change their socks on a daily basis. One in six people wear the same socks for two days in a row and one in ten Swiss people wear them even more than two days at a stretch.

Swiss bestseller:

calf socks in black


France: The emptiest sock drawers

«Change is the exception»

These drawers are ruled by nonchalance. There is certainly enough space, since French people have by far the least socks: only 17 pairs.

Madame and Monsieur prefer spending their money on other things; they only buy 9 pairs of socks a year. This represents the all-time low of our survey. Nonchalance also when it comes to change: Monsieur does not like changing his socks - only two in three change their socks every day.

French bestseller:

knee socks


Germany: The greatest wealth in terms of sock ownership

«Quantity makes the difference»

One can never own too many socks. Or so the Germans believe. In Germany, women and men own 24 pairs each. Hence, they hold the European record.

German people buy 13 pairs of socks per year. And when you own so many new socks, you want to wear them as well. 8 out of 10 respondents change their socks every day.

German bestseller:

coloured calf socks


Austria: The most negligent sock buyers

«Delegating is trumps»

In no other country, men delegate tasks as readily as in Austria. About a quarter of all respondents have other people buy their socks.

In most cases, it is their wife or their partner who does the sock shopping. And they do this job very diligently: As a matter of fact, Austrian men own an average of 23 pairs of socks and thus come second after Germany in terms of owning socks.

Austrian bestseller:

Business light socks

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