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Buy ankle socks for low-cut shoes

Our short socks go below the ankle, making them virtually invisible in shoes. Ankle socks are particularly good for trainers or low cut men’s shoes during the spring and summer months. Give the impression of going barefoot in shoes with no show socks. Our ankle socks also offer anti-slip grip to prevent your short socks from sliding down into your shoes.

Shorty ankle socks

These athletic socks are perfect for sports of any kind. Shorty ankle socks are made from smooth cotton and equipped with a cushioning terry sole. A spoiler on the heel prevents the sport socks from slipping, so there will be nothing standing in the way of your sporting fun. Shorty ankle socks are available in black and grey in sizes 35-48.

Invisible Socks

Elegant short socks which are completely invisible in your shoes. The smooth cotton and low cut ensure a comfortable barefoot feel. These ankle socks have small silicone dimples on the heel, stopping them from slipping down as you walk. Invisible Socks go perfectly with low cut men’s shoes. These no show socks are available in black, blue and red, plus a new navy design with stripes or dots. The socks are available in sizes 35-48.

Organic Socks in Natural Colors

If your feet are wrapped in organic socks, you can just sit back and relax. Our organic cotton socks not only impress with their quality and comfortable fit, but also their origins. The cotton is organically grown in Egypt and has extra-long fibers, which are perfect for socks as they produce so little fluff.

The Positive Features of Organic Socks

Not all socks can call themselves organic. ‘Organic’ is a protected term and clothing must pass various tests to use it. The international GOTS® standard is well-known and its seal is widely used. It lays down environmental guidelines, from production through to processing. Our Organic Comfort socks are made of 80% organic cotton (certified to GOTS® standard). The remaining 20% is polyamide, providing support and durability.

What do our customers particularly like about our Organic Comfort socks? The soft terry sole and the comfort band. The terry sole makes every single step comfortable and soft – as if you were walking on a bed of moss. The comfort band stays gently but firmly in place on your calf without cutting in.

Are you very active? Or do you like wearing sneakers? Then go for our Organic Sneaker socks. They feel light and smooth, and the spoiler stops them from slipping down inside your shoes. Give them a try!

Why Sustainable Socks Benefit You

When you choose organic socks, you are also choosing:

  • Top quality that keeps its promises
  • Socks that are good for your skin
  • A love of nature
  • More variety in our environment and your wardrobe

You will receive the socks in paper packaging. You can recycle this in your household paper waste. This allows the paper to re-used, beginning the cycle over again.

Order organic cotton socks directly from our online shop, as either a one-off purchase or a sockscription.

Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Great quality.
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Order arrived very quickly
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Another happy customer!
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wonderful socks!
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Excellent service and great quality
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