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Cotton Socks – Your Everyday Companions

Nature has given cotton many positive qualities that make it a particularly good material for cotton socks, including that it helps prevent sweaty feet. The delicate cotton fibers absorb moisture and are breathable. Nice to wear and easy to look after.

In an office chair or on the couch, our range offers cotton socks for business and leisure – whether you want to begin the working day with light calf socks or get the weekend off to a cheerful start with colorful sneaker socks.

How Many Types of Cotton Do You Know?

We don’t want our socks to be forced to travel the world before they are allowed to serve their purpose, so our cotton socks come from Italy, Germany and Turkey. The different fibers and processing techniques used produce three types of cotton socks.

  1. Mercerized cotton: this material is smoother, shinier and more stable than unprocessed cotton. The result is wash-proof, silky cotton socks with improved stability.
  2. Pima cotton: silky soft but still hard-wearing! Classic calf socks, our test-winners, are made from this fine material.
  3. Organic cotton: sustainable and fair-trade, GOTS®-standard organic cotton. We use this material for our Organic Comfort and Organic Sneaker Socks.

We discovered what cotton socks men like: the ones that need the least looking after. All our cotton socks are therefore also available as a sockscription.

Men’s Socks Made of 100% Cotton

Do you like the idea of completely natural socks? Our knee socks are 100% cotton. The extra-wide band ensures that the socks stay up, even without elastic. These go particularly well with a dinner jacket, tails, or an everyday business suit. We offer all feet from sizes 3½ to 15½ the chance to be enveloped in comfortable 100% cotton socks for men.

Colors to Suit You

The endless selection now available means that the term “cotton socks” has lost any clear meaning. Not all cotton is made equal, and it has been a long time since black was the only color we wore on our feet.

Top-quality socks can be more than your outfit’s icing on the cake. Take a look at our colorful socks, striped socks, and the varied patterns of our Funky Socks. Colorful socks have once again become a fashionable accessory, and can be combined to suit your mood, whims or personal style: from powder blue to pine green to fiery red. Give them a try!

Those looking for dark colors will find brown, anthracite and navy on offer alongside our classic black cotton socks.

Whether children, women or men, cotton socks are something you find in the wardrobes of people of all ages. Order cotton socks quickly and easily from the BLACKSOCKS online shop – individually, as a pack, or as a sockscription. We cover the shipping costs.

Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Great quality.
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Philippe S.
Another happy customer!
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wonderful socks!
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Excellent service and great quality
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Beautiful black socks
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