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The BLACKSOCKS sockscription was created in 1999. Our socks go on and on, but there is always something new around the corner: new Funky Socks collections, checked underwear, re-ordering at the touch of a button, and much more.

Take a look at BLACKSOCKS’ news from the past few years here. Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date! .

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NEW: More Colors

Cold feet are a thing of the past. Protect your feet from the heat and the cold with our fine Merino wool socks. Merino wool is breathable and creates an ideal climate in your shoes, so your feet always feel their best. New in Orange or in a box.

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Short Socks for Long Days

It's time for sneaker socks! They are the perfect companions for the warmer months. Enjoy the comfortable barefoot feeling with the lightweight sneaker socks that do not slip.

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October 2019

Cool, not cold

Showing your ankles is called “flanking”, a combination of the words “flashing” and “ankle”. A great deal has been written about whether “flanking” is practical or not.

We don’t want to get in on the debate, but we do want to offer a solution: with our new Invisible Socks made of Merino wool, you can keep your feet warm even when your ankles are out.

Combine the temperature-regulating properties of Merino wool with a barefoot look, even on cooler days.

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August 2019

They're Back – With Some New Friends

After a hot summer vacation, they’re finally back – all our underwear styles are back in stock with some new friends in tow.

Discover our new arrivals with fresh navy stripes: our comfortable Antoinette T-shirt with a crew neck and our soft Augustine briefs.

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May 2019

Color in Your Shoes

Gray ankle socks with a touch of yellow put you in a good mood and are a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe. These ankle socks put you in a good mood with their fresh patterns and colors, all while staying discreetly hidden down in your shoes.

The silicone dimples on the heel stop the socks from slipping down and ensure they stay perfectly on your feet all day long.

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April 2019

Adventurous Rhythms

These summery socks will help you on your adventures through the concrete jungle, bring color to your daily meetings marathon and draw admiring glances at the bar.

Feel the music of our eleventh Funky Socks edition and let the beat carry you away.

Funky Socks Vol. 11


March 2019

Business Class Shirts

They’re here! BLACKSOCKS’ new shirts have arrived. Discover their elegant fabrics for yourself, as well as the high quality and careful workmanship you have come to expect.

Whether in meetings, at dinner, or at the bar, these shirts ensure that you are ready for anything.

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January 2019

Which socks suit you?

Are you planning to make great strides in 2019? Head into the new year with brand-new finest Italian quality socks – because a pleasant feel against your skin makes everything better.

Bring some order to your wardrobe, make space for something new and order fresh socks for a comfortable start to 2019 – but make sure they are the right ones.

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December 2018

Surprisingly Classic

The elegant calf sock box contains nine high-quality sock designs. With classic colors, bold touches, and delicate patterns, the box always offers the perfect socks for any occasion.

You no longer have to decide – you can have it all! Order the new calf sock box with ribbed Pima cotton calf socks now.

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November 2018

Classy Calf Socks: Micro Pattern with a Single-Colored Look

The fine stripes, stopping at the elegant ribbing, create a pattern that looks like a single color when viewed from a certain distance.

This makes the socks easy to combine and suitable for any occasion – without being boring. The socks are based on our best-selling Classic calf socks.

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October 2018

Bold colors for bold characters

With this being the 10th Funky Socks collection, these limited edition socks are used to stepping into the spotlight and know how to portray their wearer in the right light.

They also add a splash of brightness to your day, letting your true colors shine through.

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September 2018

Also in Bordeaux red: Business Light Stripes

If your daily sock choice is a bit dull, accentuate it with our finely striped socks. Don’t worry – they’re not garish.

Our striped socks may not be loud, but they are cheerful. They enhance your look without being out-there. If you’re looking for something even mellower, we recommend our half-striped socks. Your shoe hides the fine stripes, so they remain your little secret.

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August 2018

BLACKSOCKS shirts and polos

Who doesn’t love balmy summer evenings when everything simply fits.

The last thing you need is a tight polo, stiff shirt or slippery socks. Lean back, relax and enjoy the moment with our comfortable polo shirts, great short-sleeved shirts and non-slip short socks.

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June 2018

Have you thought of everything?

The holidays are nearly here – time to switch off, escape and discover something new. Before you head off, remember to freshen up your wardrobe and get it ready for the summer holidays.

Discover our summery socks, comfortable underwear and fantastic T-shirts. We always deliver quickly, free of charge and in time for your holiday.

Thought of everything?

Socks for the summer
Consistently comfortable
Socks for your adventure
Smooth T-shirts for beach cafés
For an elegantly athletic look
Socks for the summer
Consistently comfortable
Socks for your adventure
Smooth T-shirts for beach cafés
For an elegantly athletic look
Socks for the summer
Socks for the summer
Consistently comfortable
Socks for your adventure
Smooth T-shirts for beach cafés
For an elegantly athletic look
Socks for the summer
Consistently comfortable
Socks for your adventure
Smooth T-shirts for beach cafés
For an elegantly athletic look
Socks for the summer

April 2018

Are you ready for the summer?

The days are getting longer and socks are getting shorter, so in time for the summer, we are offering you our new Invisible Socks and Shorty sneaker socks – getting you ready for any summer party.

Light fabrics are very important in warm temperatures, so our new underwear and T-shirts made from Pima cotton sit lightly against the skin and impress with their cooling navy blue. You will definitely cut a fine figure.

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March 2018

Funky Socks Volume 9

Just in time for spring, we are presenting our latest Funky Socks collection: Funky Socks Volume 9, with fresh designs and colourful highlights.

Just like their predecessors, these colourful socks have been created in collaboration between Philipp Fankhauser and BLACKSOCKS. Discover the six new Funky Socks creations now – as individual pairs or in the Funky Box NINE.

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October 2017

Funky Socks Volume 8

The new Funky Socks Volume 8 have arrived. They will put you in the perfect mood on a late autumn weekend. The funky soundtrack to the shorter, cooler days will weave its cosy magic around your feet.

Funky Socks are now made from 72% cotton and have a handlinked toe seam – quality and comfort that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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August 2017

Delphine boxers with a checked design

Do you already have plenty of black or white boxer shorts in your underwear drawer?

So why not go for both at once? Our Delphine boxers are now available in a classic chessboard design.

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June 2017

18 years of the sockscription

BLACKSOCKS is all grown up – we are celebrating

  • 18 years of BLACKSOCKS
  • 18 years of our sockscription
  • 18 years of online shopping

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May 2017

Short socks for warm days

Days are getting longer and skirts are getting shorter – as are socks. Summer is here and it is ankle socks time.

Choose between elegant Invisible Socks and our sporty Shorty Sneaker Socks. Invisible Socks remain hidden in your shoes, giving the impression of bare feet. Shorty Sneaker socks with their terry sole and non-slip spoiler are great for athletic ambitions.

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May 2017

More Button

Our More button is magnetic and is supplied with a metal plate. Put the button somewhere convenient (like your wardrobe) and you can order more supplies whenever you need them - with just a double-click.

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April 2017

Funky Socks Volume 7

They will take you on a stroll down a dreamy Cuban promenade, along the beach and to Havana’s hotspots – with lively Cuban sounds ringing in your ears.

Pull them on your feet and let yourself be whisked away.

Discover Funky Socks Vol. 7


January 2017

Bestselling socks in grey-blue

Discover our most popular sock models, now available in a new colour. Our ribbed calf socks, smooth Business Light socks and English cut knee socks are now available in grey-blue.

This grey-blue colour is elegant without being intrusive, goes perfectly with jeans or chinos and can also be paired with a wide variety of shoes.

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