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Socks in Large Sizes
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Socks in Large Sizes

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Are you living it large? Our extra-large socks come from sizes 47 (EU) / 11 ½ (UK) / 12 (US). All of our designs and colors are available up to size 48 (EU) / 12 ½ (UK) / 13 ½ (US).

But what if you wear a bigger size? We still have something for you: our two bestsellers, the classic calf socks and knee socks, are available in black up to size 52 (EU) / 14 ½ (UK) / 15½ (US) – individually or as a sockscription.

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Men socks sizes 49-52 (EU) | 13-14 ½ (UK) | 14-15 ½ (US)

We know how hard it can be to find the right socks. Are your feet a little larger than the average pair? This makes the hunt for the right sock size even more difficult. According to our figures, sales of sizes 49-52 (EU) / 13-14 ½ (UK) / 14-15½ (US) account for only 0.4 percent of our turnover. In spite of this, we firmly believe that good taste should not be hampered by sock size, which is why our calf and knee socks are also available in larger sizes.


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You need socks in larger sizes? Then let us recommend taking out our sockscription. With a sockscription, you will receive your socks in sizes 49-51 (EU) / 13 ½ -15 (UK) / 14-15½ (US) delivered direct to your door at regular intervals.

Treat yourself to the perfect fit.

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Men socks sizes 47-48 (EU) | 11 ½ -12 ½ (UK) | 12-13 ½ (US)

If you’re looking for men’s socks up to sizes 47-48 (EU) / 11 ½ -12 ½ (UK) / 12-13 ½ (US), you will be spoiled for choice with our range. You can take your pick of any design and any color, and the socks will fit perfectly. Providing we haven’t sold out of that particular design and you are using the classic sock shop (and not the Funky Socks shop), you have free rein! You might find that the socks feel a little loose at the beginning, but after the first wash, they will shrink a little and become the perfect size. Browse through our sock shop for your future favorites and buy men’s socks in the extra-large sizes.

Other Colorful Socks Until Size 48 (EU) | 12 ½ (UK) | 13 ½ (US)

Colorful Socks Until Size 48 (EU) | 12 ½ (UK) | 13 ½ (US)

Classic Calf Socks Royal Blue

Wadensocken Classic in Royal Blue



Invisible Merino Socks in Orange

Invisible Merino Socks in Orange



Classy Calf Socks in Red and Black - close-up

Wadensocke Classy: rot-schwarz



Invisible Socks gray stripes

Invisible Socks Gray Stripes



Above-Average Sock Sizes

A study has shown that the average shoe size for men in Europe is 43 (EU) / 9 (UK) / 9½ (US). But who really is average? A man’s shoe and sock size depends on how tall he is. A statistician took it upon himself to show the correlation between height and shoe size (in US sizes):

  • 165 cm – Shoe size 6½
  • 168 cm – Shoe size 8
  • 170 cm – Shoe size 8½
  • 173 cm – Shoe size 9½
  • 175 cm – Shoe size 10
  • 180 cm – Shoe size 10½
  • 186 cm – Shoe size 10½
  • 193 cm – Shoe size 11½

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Not sure which sock size you need? You can find all the information you need in our size chart.

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