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Press Coverage

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What are ‘Smart Socks’? - November 20, 2016

The Blacksocks + are dubbed the ‘smartest socks’ in the world. This is because they are the only socks that contain NFC (near field communication) technology sewn onto them.

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Blacksocks - November 19, 2016

In 1994, when newly graduated economist Samy Liechti was asked by his then boss to attend a last-minute meeting with Japanese customers, he would not have imagined that this day would change his life.

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Blacksocks Plus+ Smart Socks - December 14, 2015

Do you need smart socks? Probably not. But answer us this: have you ever mispaired socks that looked almost the same but are actually (maddeningly) slightly different?

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Sock-of-the-Month Clubs Rise Online

New York Times - December 3, 2013

CONSUMERS have been enthusiastic about subscribing to an array of products, from monthly shipments of razor cartridges to regular deliveries of trial-size personal care products. But the subscription model has gained a foothold with, fittingly, socks. Blacksocks, which began in 1999, claims to be the first company to offer a sock subscription, and coined the portmanteau “sockscription.”

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No more odd socks! New iPhone app sorts your socks using microchip technology

Mail Online - 24 September 2012

Rushing to get ready for that meeting but just can't find that matching sock? You never have to panic again, because now there is an app for that. Swiss company Blacksocks have launched the world’s first 'Smarter Socks' app for iPhone which can be used to reunite lost socks with their partners.

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