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Mercerized cotton

Fine socks made from mercerized cotton

Cotton has a slight sheen in its natural form. This is due to the cell sap, which dries out after harvesting. When used as an item of clothing, the material has a matt appearance and small pieces of fluff form after repeated use.

To prevent this, there is a finishing process called mercerization. Our Business Light socks, Funky Socks and Knee High Socks consist mainly of mercerized cotton - also known as "Fil d'Écosse".

Their advantages:

  • Silky, wash-resistant sheen
  • Increased color fastness
  • Mercerization gives the yarn greater strength
  • Because we use mercerized cotton, you get better socks

Looking for mercerized socks?

From classic muted to modern, bright colors: The Business Light socks are among the most popular socks of our customers.

The silky-smooth surface has a noble and feels pleasant on the skin light on the skin. If you are looking for mercerized cotton socks, the Business Light socks are the perfect choice.

What are the advantages of mercerized cotton?

During mercerization, cotton is exposed to caustic soda. This causes the fibers to swell and change their cross-section from kidney-shaped to round. In the process, the cotton loses up to 25% of its length. This is why mercerizing is an expensive chemical process.

However, the refinement has many advantages. The change in structure gives the cotton a silky, wash-resistant sheen. Color fastness is significantly increased and the yarn becomes stronger. This means that mercerization not only makes the textiles more stable, but also protects them from shrinking.

Because we use mercerized cotton, you get better socks. Socks made from "Fil d'Écosse".

Who invented it?

Not a Swiss for once. The Englishman John Mercer noticed that when he filtered caustic soda through a cotton cloth, it swelled up and then had different properties.

John Mercer was the son of a hand weaver and helped with the work from an early age. Although he never went to school, he learned to read and later taught himself chemistry. He worked on dyeing textiles and patented the process named after him in England and the USA in 1851.

3 reasons to buy mercerized Knee High Socks to buy

  1. Our Knee High Socks are suitable for any formal dress code.
  2. The mercerization makes them stable and shiny.
  3. Free worldwide shipping in the BLACKSOCKS-store.

Care tips for socks

Our socks are exposed to friction in shoes and changing temperatures every day. The wash cycle should not put additional strain on them. With these simple tips, you can extend the lifespan of your socks.

Our socks made from mercerized cotton

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