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Oversized socks

Socks in large sizes

Do you live large? We offer socks in plus sizes from size 47 to 52.

All sock styles and colors are available in our range up to size 48. But what if you are a size 50? Of course, we also have something for these men: our two bestsellers, the Calf socks Classic and the Knee High Socksare available in black up to size 52 - individually or as a subscription.

Men's socks sizes 49-52

We know how difficult it is to find the right sock. If your feet are larger than average, finding the right sock size is even more difficult.

Our statistics tell us that sizes 49 to 52 only account for 0.4 percent of our sales. Nevertheless, we believe that good taste should not be a question of sock size. That's why our calf socks and Knee High Socks are also available in sizes 49-52.

Subscribe to large socks

So you wear oversized socks? Then we recommend you choose our subscription option. With the sockscription you will receive your socks in sizes 49-52 conveniently delivered to your letterbox at regular intervals.

Choose the socks that always fit you.

Men's socks sizes 47-48

You will find plenty of men's socks up to sizes 47 and 48 here. You will every pair of socks in every color will suit you. As long as the model is not sold out or part of the Funky Socks range, you are free to choose.

The sock may even be a little loose at first. After the first wash, however, they will shrink to the perfect fit. Browse through our sock store to find your future favorite sock and buy men's socks in sizes 47-48.

Oversized men's socks

An analysis has shown that the average Central European has a shoe size 43 - but who is average? A man's shoe or sock size depends on his body length. So a statistician went to the trouble of correlating body length and shoe size:

  • 165 cm - shoe size 39
  • 168 cm - shoe size 41
  • 170 cm - shoe size 42
  • 173 cm - shoe size 43
  • 175 cm - shoe size 44
  • 180 cm - shoe size 45
  • 186 cm - shoe size 45
  • 193 cm - shoe size 46

The right sock size

Not sure which sock size you need? Our sock size chart will give you all the information you need.

Finest materials & workmanship

Find out where our socks come from and what makes them so durable.


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