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The history of underwear

The history of underwear from fig leaf to underpants

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve used completely natural products: they are said to have covered themselves with fig leaves out of shame so that no one could see their private parts. The idea of underwear was born.

It didn't have to be quite so natural for the Romans, as they already wore other clothes and didn't just want to protect their private parts from prying eyes. Under the toga, the Roman cloth cover, men wore a cloth, the subligaculum, which covered their genitals. How does the history of underwear continue?

Dark times for men's underwear

With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, awareness of men's underwear also declined. The barbarians - as the Romans called those who could not speak Latin - from the north apparently had no need for underwear. As a result, nobody wore underwear until the late Middle Ages.

Over time, however, so-called long shirts made of linen became increasingly popular. Because they were made of linen and were therefore fine to wear against the skin, they were worn as an undergarment to protect the skin against the scratchy outer garments that were still worn at the time.

Underpants for men still have time

A few more decades had to pass before men's underpants in the narrower sense could be revived. The fact that something changed in outward fashion could not yet cause a widespread change in hygienic habits. Only a few aristocrats or wealthy merchants indulged in the luxury of silk underpants.

In the history of underwear, however, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, the great inventions were made: a new type of shirtwaist was invented. As early as 1876, the Prussian army was equipped with cotton underwear.

Boxer shorts are invented

The first boxer shorts were launched on the market in 1925 by the founder of boxing outfitter Everlast. For the first time, an elastic waistband was used to enable better footwork during boxing. This is why these underpants are still called boxer shorts today.

The first briefs with the name Jockey were created less than ten years later. In contrast to the boxer shorts, this new type of underpants had no legs.

Underpants as a service

The history of underwear goes even further. Because buying underpants also became easier: following the same principle as with socks, the founders of BLACKSOCKS have revolutionized the sale of underwear. BLACKSOCKS makes underpants and T-shirts a service. No more worrying about having enough underwear.

Outrageously soft T-shirts

Whether for under or over. T-shirts have become an indispensable basic in men's wardrobes. So the next logical step was to offer T-shirts made from the same fine cotton.

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