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Our sock subscriptions

Socks & underwear subscriptions: the original

You wake up in the morning and a glance at the alarm clock tells you that you're running late again. You quickly get dressed and get going - but a quick look in the sock drawer bodes ill: pairs of socks that are past their sell-by date and neglected single socks in various lengths as far as the eye can see, one sock even has a gaping hole in it. Whew.

Don't panic now. We have the solution. Find out more about the advantages of our socks-, underwear-and T-shirt-subscriptions and find the right subscription now.

No more sock stress

How does a subscription work?

We all need socks. But shopping for socks is not one of the most exciting activities. So wouldn't it be clever to develop a subscription that delivers fresh socks directly to your home at regular intervals? Preferably always the same ones, of course, so that you can save yourself the hassle of sorting.

We not only invented this subscription back in 1999, we have also extended it to include underwear and T-shirts. Similar to a newspaper subscription, you receive fresh socks or underwear by post every few months. Declare war on your chaotic sock drawer. It's about time.

5 good reasons to subscribe

What are the advantages of a subscription?

Whether you are the relationship type or need maximum freedom, a subscription supports you exactly where you need it. Cancelable at any time and customizable, the subscription adapts to your needs and follows your rhythm.

  1. No more sock worries
    You'll never have to go shopping for socks again. You'll have more time for other things.
  2. Always fresh supplies
    You'll never be without socks again.
  3. Always the same socks
    You'll never have to sort laundry again and you'll no longer have a mess in your sock drawer.
  4. Flexibly tailored to your needs
    You choose the model and delivery cycle. Subscriptions can be paused at any time.
  5. Quality and durability
    Our socks are of first-class quality. They can be seen (and worn).

Questions about the sock subscription

How regularly will I receive a supply of socks?

You decide for yourself. Simply add the desired quantity of socks to your shopping cart and choose how often you would like the socks in your mailbox, e.g. every 3, 4, 6 or 12 months.

What do I do when I have enough socks?

You can pause your sockscription at any time until you need more of your favorite socks, or of course cancel it.


We use the pay-as-you-go model. You pay for each delivery of socks separately. With each delivery, the amount is automatically charged to your credit card or other payment method. You can cancel after each delivery - giving you maximum freedom.

Do I always get the socks in the same color?

The choice is yours. You can change the color of the socks before your next delivery. 

Always comfortable on the move

Underwear by subscription

Now that your feet are already well looked after, we present the next step towards a carefree life: the underwear subscription.

This means you can save yourself the trouble of buying underwear as well as socks. As with the socks, you can also customize the individual deliveries for this subscription.

Basics for every day

T-shirts by subscription

Do you like simple basic shirts that can be combined with anything? Are you annoyed when a great T-shirt is taken out of the range again? Then you'll love our T-shirt subscription.

Like the subscription for socks and underpants, it is based on regular deliveries. So far, so clear. Because we rely on tried and tested products and continuity, our T-shirts remain in the range permanently. Once in, only new colors are added, but no models are removed.

Carefree socks since 1999

Who invented it?

Gotcha! That was us. The original sockscription from BLACKSOCKS was launched back in 1999. Since then, many new sock models and colors have been added. What has remained is the simplest interface between man and sock. Buying socks online can be so easy.

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