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When do your socks wither?

Throw away old socks or wear them again?

A wilted flower ends up in the compost. Sour milk ends up in the sink. And an old sock? They often end up back on your feet. To wear or to discard? A few stages in the life of a sock will help you make this decision.

Stage 1: Arrived

As if freshly picked

Deep, rich black, shiny and heavenly to the touch. The stitches hug your feet, so the new sock quickly becomes your favorite. They are the eye-catcher in your drawer, even though they are rarely found there. You wear the newcomer on every occasion because you can literally float through the day in it.

Stage 2: Registered

Really blossomed

After some time on the foot and a few warm-up rounds in the washing machine, the sock really blossoms. It no longer smells new, but familiar. The new one accompanies you every step of the way and slowly reaches its zenith. After all, if you use them so often, you will soon notice the first signs of wear and tear.

Stage 3: Often worn

Now the gray mouse is blooming

Tight shoes, hot laundry, sweaty skin - your sock has to put up with a lot. No wonder they have lost their freshness. The star of the sock drawer has become one of many. Their black is no longer as rich as it was in the beginning. For some sock wearers, this is reason enough to replace them with new ones.

Stage 4: Worn through

She loves me, she loves me not, ...

When a flower loses its leaves, it's the beginning of the end. The sock doesn't fare much better. It now starts to fluff. Fibers come loose from the fabric and stick to the sock. Once it has reached this stage, the "change socks" item should slowly move up your to-do list.

Stage 5: Failed

When she spreads herself thin

A flower that no longer has much to offer apart from the stem. A sock that consists only of thin fabric and a few holes. You're sure to dispose of the former immediately. The second you will wear again tomorrow. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Most people wear socks to the bitter end.

Stage 6: And gone

Time to say goodbye

Are you the kind of person who dries wilted flowers and then displays them in your home? Then you probably won't be parting with your old socks either. For everyone else: that's it! That thing on your foot has more holes than color and is an insult to any decent sock. Don't do it for us. Do it for yourself. And give your sock a long-deserved send-off.


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