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To the sock sizes

Find the right sock size with the sock size chart

Are you once again standing in front of the sock rack and are no longer sure what size socks you have? Or do you already know your sock size, but don't know how to convert it to US or English sock sizes? With our table you will find the right socks in every scale.

Find the right socks for your feet

You now know how to convert European sock sizes correctly and know the right sock size for you. Now you just need the right socks: how about short socks? Socks on mercerized cotton or merino wool? Black or colorful socks? We will be happy to help you choose.

Do you live on a small foot?

Our sock sizes start at size 34-36 with the following models:

What kind of socks are you looking for?

So you are well on your way

You have the most choice with sock sizes 37-48. Browse the sock store for your size.

Sock sizes for large feet

We do not exclude large feet. There is also a solution for feet that take up a lot of space with sock sizes 48-52. We have the right socks for everyone:

Alle Sockengrössen im Überblick

Europa UK US
XS: 34-36 3 - 3½ 3½ - 5
S: 37-39 4½ - 6 5 - 6½
M: 40-41 6½ - 7½ 7 - 8
L: 42-44 8 - 9½ 8½ - 10
XL: 45-46 10 - 11 10½ - 11½
XXL: 47-48 11½ - 12½ 12 - 13½
XXXL: 49-52 13 - 14½ 14 - 15½

Life on a big foot

Are you looking for large socks? Then you are at BLACKSOCKS is the right place for you. Find out more about our plus size socks.


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