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Merino socks

Odorless - Temperature regulating - No mulesing

Merino socks are not just woolly soft - they are real all-rounders. Thanks to their thermo-regulating properties, they are the perfect companion for every season. They keep your feet fresh and odor-free!



" I love these merino wool socks, they feel great on the skin, especially in the colder months. "

Merino Wool Socks in green

" Delivered quickly, put on quickly, worn beautifully, long-lasting short socks. "

Invisible Merino Socks in gray

" Incredibly comfortable to wear, completely odor-resistant, super workmanship - very high quality! "

Merino Wool Socks in black

Merino socks for everyday wear

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Do not scratch on the skin. Made from wonderfully soft wool.
  • Outstanding thermal insulation. Warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather
  • Do not stink. Even when worn for long periods, your feet will smell fresh.
  • They hardly crease and are easy to care for.
  • Reinforced toe and heel area protects against friction in shoes.
  • Elastic ribbed structure for a natural fit.

Merino socks are not only ideal for sports and outdoor activities the perfect companion. Our men's socks made from merino wool are also ideal for the everyday office life. Thanks to their thermo-regulating properties, they keep your feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm. 

Our Merino socks have an extra high merino wool content of 75%.

Merino wool: a wonder of nature

Merino wool is one of the most precious and valuable natural fibers of all. The wool is best known for its softness and its special fineness. In reality, however, it has much more to offer.

Merino wool is breathable, odor resistant, easy-care and excellent at removing moisture.

What does that mean in concrete terms? You can wear merino socks in sneakers in summer as well as in your favorite boots in Siberian temperatures. Feel-good factor guaranteed - no more smelling of sweat!

Questions about merino wool

Why is merino wool not itchy?

The strength of the fibers determines how supple the wool is. The fibers of merino wool are weak and flexible. The hairs therefore bend when they touch our skin, creating the typical soft feeling of merino wool.

Why don't my feet stink in it?

Merino fibers have a scaly surface. Bacteria cannot adhere well to it. Merino wool also has a kind of self-cleaning effect.

How does merino wool protect against moisture?

Merino wool stores water vapor on the inside and repels moisture on the surface. In between, the moisture is stored in the air chambers between the fibers. The wool can thus absorb up to a third of its own dry weight. Meanwhile, the fabric always feels dry to you.

Why can wool also be worn in summer?

Due to its crimped structure, the fibers of merino wool lie loosely on top of each other. Our body heat is stored in the resulting air spaces. This creates insulation on the outside and a pleasant climate on the inside. That's why our merino socks feel nice and cool in summer.

Merino sneaker socks

In addition to the classic calf socks, our Invisible Socks in merino wool are also available. As the name suggests, these socks hide inside the shoe. They are therefore suitable for sneakers and other low-cut shoes - so your ankles won't steal the show. In winter, you can enjoy warm feet, while sweat is absorbed particularly efficiently in the summer heat. Thanks to their silicone studs the merino booties won't slip off your heels.

The Invisible Merino socks are available in a classic black, elegant gray, calming blue and in a cheerful orange.

How to care for your new favorite socks properly

Our merino socks come from Portugal, where they are made with great attention to detail - so they are genuine Portuguese.

Speaking of washable: merino wool is easier to care for than any other fabric: it doesn't crease, rarely fluffs and makes our lives much easier thanks to its natural self-cleaning effect. Dirt rolls off it and it releases absorbed odors back into the air. This means that wool always smells neutral again after a short time. 

Our Merino Wool Socks also have a Total Easy Care finishing. This means that they can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees and won't shrink. Even after countless washes, they still look almost as good as new - anything else would be far too tedious!

Wool from happy sheep

The light hair of Merino fine wool sheep is long and thin. They curl into downy hair and protect the animal from the cold. As a result, merino sheep can even withstand exceptional climatic conditions and temperature differences of over 50 degrees.

The welfare of our woolly producers is very important to us:

  • We strictly ensure that the sheep have no mulesing is carried out on the sheep.
  • Species-appropriate husbandry is important to us. This also ensures the production of high-quality merino wool.
  • We work closely with our suppliers in Australia.

All this may cost a little more, but we owe it to both the sheep and your conscience!

Need more reasons?

The only thing our merino socks can't do is walk to your home on their own. But if you order the socks right now from our online store, that problem is solved too. Say goodbye to sweaty feet and order the Merino Wool Socks for men right now in the subscription. You will then receive these wonderfully soft socks delivered to your home at regular intervals and can adjust the desired color with each delivery.

No matter what you choose, our merino socks will make you look good on every occasion. That's a promise.


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