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The history of socks

The history of socks from the Egyptians to the millennials

How long have socks actually been around? The first knitwear was found in Jutland and dates back to 1500 BC. Knitwear resembling socks was first found in Egyptian tombs in Antinoe and dates back to 500 AD. Follow the history of socks from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Socks as a status symbol until the Middle Ages

Before industrialization, socks and stockings were knitted. The first knitwear found in Jutland dates back to 1500 BC. The first socks were found in Egyptian tombs in Antinoe and date back to 500 AD.

For a long time, stockings were a privilege of the rich, as their manufacture was a secret and knitting was an occupation for noble ladies. In the Middle Ages, trousers and stockings were a single item of clothing. Later, stockings were substituted for pants and stockings gradually emerged as a separate item of clothing.

The democratization of the sock in modern times

The Englishman William Lee invented the hand knitting loom, which made knitting easier. Queen Elizabeth I of England received black stockings as a gift in 1561, but refused to grant him a patent for this invention, so Lee moved to France in 1589 and set up a hosiery factory there, financed by King Henry V.

Emigrating Huguenots spread the chair throughout Europe. With industrialization, socks became easier and easier to produce and therefore cheaper. Accordingly, they became more and more widespread. Most socks back then were made of wool. In comparison, today you have a much wider choice of materials. From cashmere to merino and pima to mercerized cotton.

Socks as mass-produced goods in industrial society

Referend William Lee's invention was further developed. At the beginning of the 19th century, the first circular looms were used, which allowed largely machine-based production. As a result, many home workers became unemployed and many citizens were socked.

Gradually, different materials were processed and mass production progressed. Socks became commonplace and the first industrially produced item of clothing.

Socks as a service in the internet age

At the end of the twentieth century, a founder of the company BLACKSOCKS invented the sock subscription. Since then, resourceful contemporaries no longer have to worry about shopping for socks, as they receive socks of the same consistent quality delivered free to their door. The socks become a service sold via the Internet.


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