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Organic socks

GOTS® certified organic cotton - Sustainably produced in Portugal

Above all, socks need to be comfortable and durable. Our organic cotton socks not only impress with their comfort and quality, but also with their origin. With our soft organic socks, you are making sustainable progress.

" SENSATIONAL SOCKS - Everything is just right: quality, comfort, wearing comfort, fit "

Organic Comfort Socks in black

" The best sneaker socks I've ever had. Non-slip and comfortable to wear. "

Organic Sneaker Socks in khaki

" Lives up to its name Comfort! Feels super comfortable on the foot. Khaki pleases! "

Organic Comfort Socks in khaki

Organic Comfort & Organic sneaker socks

The most comfortable socks in our range

We from BLACKSOCKS expect two things above all from socks: Comfort and durability. Our organic socks fulfill both - and more:

  • Made from Egyptian Organic cotton with extra-long fibers
  • Certified according to the ecological guidelines of the GOTS® standard
  • Not incisive, soft comfort waistband
  • Comfortable footbed made of terry cloth
  • Short transportation routes due to production in Portugal

Our organic socks are available as Organic Comfort calf socks in the natural colors blackgrayKhakiblue and white

Are you often active or do you like to wear sneakers? Then go for the Organic Sneaker Socks in blackgrayKhaki, blue and white.

Small label, big difference!

GOTS® certified organic cotton

Not all socks can call themselves organic. The clothing has to pass several tests to qualify for the protected term. Only a few letters on the label make the difference. 

The international GOTS® standard is widely used and known for its seal. It defines ecological guidelines - from production to processing. The main focus is on natural means of pest protection and the preservation of soil fertility. In addition, renewable resources are used for the most part and chemical additives are tested for toxicity and biodegradability.

This protects the soil and biodiversity and keeps nature in balance.

Questions about organic cotton

What are our organic socks made of?

Our Organic Comfort socks consist of 80% organic cotton. The remaining 20% polyamide provides support and robustness. The Organic sneaker socks made from 65% organic cotton have an additional 2% elastane content and a spoiler to prevent slipping in the shoe.

Where does the organic cotton come from?

The organic cotton for our socks comes from Egyptian cultivation. The cotton grown there has exceptionally long fibers. This is an additional advantage, because the socks made from it hardly shed at all.

Are the socks still comfortable?

Our organic socks are actually the most comfortable in our entire range! Thanks to the terry cloth bed every step is comfortable and soft - almost as if you were walking on moss. The comfort waistband keeps the socks in place without slipping and without cutting in.

Sustainably produced in Portugal

For people & the environment

The cultivation of textile raw materials, especially cotton, requires a lot of water and energy. Organic cotton ensures a smaller ecological footprint. However, the best thing for the environment is for the products to be produced in an environmentally friendly way and at the same time last as long as possible. Accordingly, we develop first-class quality socks with a long service life and process the raw materials exclusively in Europe. Strict environmental and labor regulations are also adhered to here. The short transportation routes and low returns rate also ensure lower CO2 emissions.

Take sustainable steps now!

All our products are produced according to European standards. The organic cotton from Egypt is processed into socks in Portugal - so we avoid long distances and ensure that the entire production chain is as sustainable as possible. small ecological footprint.

Time to get active. Order our organic socks in your size either on a trial basis or take out a sustainable sock subscription right away!

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