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8 factors for high-quality socks

What makes good socks?

Socks are stuck between tight shoes and sweaty feet for days on end. They are rubbed and tugged at with countless steps and then regularly end up in washing machines, where they are washed hot - often too hot - and dried in the tumble dryer against all washing instructions. As soon as this is over, the process starts all over again. These strains are a challenge even for the best socks. How can the quality of a sock still be guaranteed?

The "Maître Chaussettier" takes care of issues such as good socks. He ensures that the quality of our socks is impeccable and does not rest until he is satisfied with the result. Normal socks become quality socks.

1. the material

The fiber length of the yarns used is important for good socks. Peruvian Pima cotton has the longest fibers.

The cotton is spun together with other fibers to form a yarn. The more compact a yarn is, the more resistant it is to abrasion when woven. This is how our socks, underpants and T-shirts achieve their unique quality.

2. the processing

A strong yarn must be knitted as tightly as possible to achieve optimum durability and quality. Our socks are knitted as tightly as possible on knitting machines with CNC control, which is a guarantee for quality socks and a long sock life.

The stress on a sock is much higher in the heel and toe area than on the rest of the sock. Accordingly, stronger yarns are used in this area or the yarns are passed several times during knitting.

3. the origin

Because quality is important to us, all our socks are made in Europe. The yarns for our socks are spun, finished and dyed in northern Italy. The socks are then knitted in Portugal. The color, fabric and fit of our quality socks are regularly tested.

Strict environmental and labor regulations are also checked and implemented. This is important to us.

4. the color

Cotton is naturally beige, so all non-beige textiles are either bleached or dyed. Color fastness is an important quality criterion for dyed textiles.

Black dyes in particular have a tendency to quickly turn gray and dull. Only high-quality colors do not wash out and survive daily scrubbing.

5. the right sizes

Quality also means that you will find the right size. That's why we offer our socks in shoe sizes 34 - 52. So you can find the perfect sock quality even for slightly larger feet.

6. the certification

Since socks are worn directly on the skin, it is important that chemically safe colors are used, because the skin is able to absorb chemical substances.

To ensure maximum quality, our products are Oekotex 100-certified, i.e. dyed with appropriate colors that are considered absolutely skin-friendly.

7. regular testing

So that we can guarantee the high quality of our socks over the years, our socks have not only been tested by us, but also by Kassensturz and K-Tipp.

Our classic calf sock in particular impresses with its high quality.

8. consistent performance

The quality of our socks is impressive - time and time again. With the sockscription you regularly receive 3 pairs sent to your home by post.

Leave your sock worries behind and devote yourself to the important things in life.

Quality socks for the summer

The quality of socks is particularly important in hot temperatures.

Our Invisible Socks, Organic Sneaker Socks and Shorty Sneaker Socks get you through the summer blister-free.


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