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Josephine boxers black subscription

The form-fitting Josephine boxers are made from 100% finest Pima cotton. The high-quality fine ribbing feels soft and comfortable against the skin.

  • 100% Peruvian Pima cotton for a wonderfully comfortable fit
  • Top-quality fine ribbing
  • Soft elastic waistband
  • No opening
  • Produced to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


Single delivery
Best choice: our subscription
  • Regular free underwear deliveries
  • Hugely comfortable to wear with Pima cotton
  • No more underwear shopping stress
Single delivery
Best choice: our subscription
  • Regular free underwear deliveries
  • Hugely comfortable to wear with Pima cotton
  • No more underwear shopping stress
Per year:
Free shipping worldwide
Item per pack: 
Underwear deliveries
As expected, high blacksocks quality.
Jun 3, 2017
Christoph Deckers, Singapore
Good quality
Apr 20, 2017
Emmanuel Maduabum, Zürich
The underpants are very good cotton quality!
Jul 15, 2015
Augustine Kaddu, Geneva
Everything is great. Thank you.
Jul 13, 2015
Brian Sander, Fountain Valley
Arrived super quick. Very satisfied.
Aug 21, 2014
Henning Schmiedehausen, Mountain View

No more tedious shopping

My cousins, specialist retail and department store underwear, have already annoyed plenty of people. Generally, people buy various models to try. They try them at home and pick their favourite, and then head back into the store with a clear vision: ‘to buy more of the same underwear’.

My cousins eventually become floppy and you have to head back to the store. Unfortunately, your favourites are no longer available and you have to begin the decision process all over again. Our underwear subscription makes this problem a thing of the past. Until cancelled, we subscription underwear reach your home every four months as a two-pack - always in the same design.


No subscription traps

We subscription underwear want to be worn and see the world. Ending up left unused in a dark drawer is every item of underwear’s nightmare.

To make sure that you never have too much underwear, it is up to you to monitor your subscription: you choose if and when to renew, bring forward or end your subscription.

One month before renewal time, you will receive a letter from BLACKSOCKS to remind you and ensure that you don’t forget to renew. If only everything was so easy.


Convenient delivery

We subscription underwear fit as a pair in a cardboard box. The box is designed to fit in your letterbox. This means that we come straight to you even when you aren’t at home, without your having to make a trip to the post office – and all with free Priority shipping worldwide.


More free time

The sooner you subscribe to this underwear service, the more time you will save. We discovered this while investigating the time savings offered by our sockscription: you will save more than half a day per year.

Underwear has also been available as a subscription since 2007, solving another male problem. Save even more time with the underwear subscription. We expect the time savings to increase exponentially with various subscriptions.


Subscribe & take off

As a member of Miles & More you can gain double benefit from BLACKSOCKS: Free yourself of all underwear sorrows with the underwear subscription and also collect valuable award miles from Miles & More.

Once you have collected enough award miles, the world is open to you and you can enjoy a free flight on your next holiday.

More about Miles & More


Made in Europe

I come from a small clothing manufacturer in the European part of Turkey.

This family business founded in 1978 uses great care and passion for detail to create high-quality boxers such as me, as well as other underwear and T-shirts from the BLACKSOCKS range.


Pima cotton & fine rib

The materials used in the manufacturing process are vital to ensure that we make good boxers, are comfortable to wear and feel soft and smooth against the skin.

I am made of 100% finest Peruvian Pima cotton, better known as the silk of South America, with high-quality fine ribbing. Long fibres and a smooth texture make this cotton particularly special to wear. A soft elastic waistband is my crowning glory.

Find out more about the silk of South America


100% good for the skin

I am good for you and your skin: This is borne out by the ‘Oeko-Tex® Standard 100’ I am entitled to bear.

This standard guarantees that I am 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. Ultimately, I spend all day worn next to your skin in a damp, warm climate, which requires a certain level of care.

More about the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


Popular since 2007

Since the spring of 2007 when BLACKSOCKS decided to free the world of annoying underwear sorrows, I have been a sought-after model of boxers. I have been available with the same cut, high level of quality, and price ever since.

Anyone who has already fallen for me has nothing to worry about: I will not be disappearing from the BLACKSOCKS range any time soon, and will be providing a comfortable fit to plenty more men.


Also available in white

Ever since I was created, I have also been available in white, for anyone with simpler tastes.

Boxers Josephine in white

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