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The Online T-Shirt Subscription

T-shirts are an essential in every wardrobe. They are perfect under shirts or for creating a casual look with jeans, and form the basis for many outfits for a variety of occasions. So what will it be for your T-shirt subscription? Sleeveless as an undershirt, with a modern rounded neck, or classic V-neck? Our range contains all of the key T-shirts and undershirts for men, available to order as a subscription.

New T-Shirts or Undershirts Every Few Months

The BLACKSOCKS T-shirt subscription is very simple. First choose your T-shirt and size online. Then order your T-shirts and undershirts, and the first delivery of your subscription will soon drop through your letterbox. The delivery cycle is repeated four months later when another parcel arrives. After yet another four months you then receive your final delivery of T-shirts or undershirts.

One month before your T-shirt subscription expires, we will get in touch to let you know that it will be automatically extended by a year unless you choose to cancel. You can then cancel or postpone the renewal within your customer account at any time.

The Benefits of a T-Shirt Subscription

Your T-shirts end up in the wash quicker than expected, and suddenly your wardrobe is empty. To stop this from happening, we deliver you regular supplies of your favorites with a T-shirt subscription. Once you find a T-shirt you really like, you want more of the same. Why waste time finding a new one every time you go shopping? With the T-shirt subscription, you have a constant supply of your favorites at home.

All prices include shipping worldwide and are the same as they were when BLACKSOCKS was founded. There are no additional costs. Order a BLACKSOCKS T-shirt subscription now!

V-neck t-shirts for men

The v-neck T-shirt is timeless and versatile. It can be worn as part of an outfit or as an undershirt. All our v-neck T-shirts are made of Pima cotton and are sure to be good to your skin thanks to the Oeko-Tex® label, providing a soft and comfortable feel all day long.

Look taller with the V-neck

T-shirts are not only comfortable, they can also be effortlessly combined and provide a casual look. The v neck optically lengthens the neck, elongating the body and making you look taller. For maximum style, the cut shouldn’t be too low – the point should fall between your shoulders and your armpits. Try our Suzette v-neck T-shirt in white, black or navy blue. Our bestseller Suzette in white is available up to size XXL.

V-neck T-shirt as an underlayer

If you’re planning to wear your Pima cotton T-shirt beneath a shirt or sweater, a v-neck is the perfect fit. It lets you leave a couple of buttons open on the shirt, while stopping the T-shirt from poking out beneath a sweater.

If you’re planning to wear your T-shirt as an underlayer, the cut can be lower than otherwise. Would you prefer a more flexible material? Then we recommend our Claudette T-shirt with 5% elastane in white or blue.

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