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The silk of South America

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The silk of
South America
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The silk of
South America

Pima cotton

Pima cotton owes its nickname as the ‘silk of South America’ to its fine, silky fibres. It is these exceptionally long fibres that make Pima cotton one of the highest-quality cotton threads of all.

Pima cotton is particularly widespread in Peru. It is extremely resistant to fungal attacks and requires fewer pesticide treatments, which is better for both the fibres and the environment.

Products made of Pima cotton


Calf socks made of Pima cotton

Our calf socks made of finest Pima cotton have been the bestsellers in our sock range since 1999. The cotton ensures a perfect, uniquely comfortable fit.

The calf socks are available in various colours, as well as in a smart version with an RFID chip.

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Particularly soft

Pima cotton feels very soft against your skin, softer than other types of cotton, but is still hard-wearing. This softness makes a huge difference for textiles such as socks, underwear or T-shirts that are worn directly against the skin. Pima cotton is a supple material and ensures an extremely comfortable fit.


Invisible Socks made of Pima cotton

Our Invisible Socks are short socks which elegantly hide themselves in men’s shoes. The perfect fit and soft material offered by Pima cotton are particularly important for low-cut socks.

Invisible Socks are available in various colours and designs.

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Particularly durable

The Pima cotton that we use has particularly long fibres. This means that the fibres do not slip out when the thread is being spun, creating fluff (also known as pilling). The material therefore remains durable even in warm and damp climates or when exposed to friction, so your socks, underwear and T-shirts will keep their perfect shape even after multiple washes thanks to this Pima cotton.


Underwear made of Pima cotton

All of our underwear is made of finest Peruvian Pima cotton. The material nestles perfectly against your skin, ensuring an ideal fit.

Our underwear is available as either boxers or briefs in a variety of colours.

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T-shirts made of Pima cotton

Our T-shirts are also made of high-quality Pima cotton. The fibres ensure a perfect fit that feels like a second skin.

Our T-shirts come with V-necks or rounded necks and are available in a variety of colours.

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More than just Pima cotton

As well as Pima cotton, there are various other factors which combine to ensure our socks are of the highest quality.

Find out where our socks come from and how we make sure that they always meet the highest quality standards.

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Certified material

Our socks, underwear and T-shirts bear the Oeko-Tex seal of approval, meaning that they have been proven to be 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested.

Find out why this certification is so important to us.

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