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«Silk Of South America»

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Pima cotton - the «Silk Of South America»

For over 10 years, we have been using one of the best quality cotton yarns - Pima cotton - for our most successful product, our calf socks. This type of cotton, which is particularly popular in Peru, has extraordinarily long fibres.

At the same time, the fibres feel silky, which is why Pima cotton is known as the «silk of South America» As well as these properties, which are extremely important when it comes to processing, the plant itself is particularly fungus-resistant. This means fewer pesticides are required, which is good for the environment.

Soft fibres – wonderfully comfortable fit

Pima cotton feels soft – softer than other types of cotton – yet is it durable. This softness is therefore its key distinguishing feature. Step after step, you will be able to feel how special your socks are. Socks which are soft and smooth. Socks which pamper your feet. Feel the difference for yourself.

Long fibres – high quality

The Pima cotton which we use has particularly long fibres. If these extra-long fibres are spun into a thread, virtually none of the fibres slip out. This is important as the thread is used to make socks which must withstand a damp and warm climate subjected to friction.

If fibres slip out of the thread, we call this lint or fluff. Extra-long fibres largely eliminate this problem, meaning that your socks still look great even after thousands of steps.

Other Calf socks made of Pima cotton

Abo Wadensocken Classic
Calf socks made of Pima cotton

Our Classic calf socks made from the finest Pima cotton have been our bestselling socks since 1999. Originally only available in black, they are now also available in navy, anthracite and brown. These socks will always be a comfortable and convenient addition to your sock drawer.

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Very good comfort for medium-light sock. I'm very happy with this choice.
Paul Torres
Best socks I know of.
Benjamin Berger
Great, second skin!
Sean Taylor
extremely pleased
Sharron McMillan
Sechelt, BC
The best ever.
Alabbas Jadkarim
Great, stylish, classic business socks.
Kathleen Kocaj
Centennial park
Fully satisfied :)
david nellen
Look great, fit great, very comfy. Just an all around nice pair of socks.
David Rafferty
All fine
Alexandre Schmid

Other Underwear made of Pima cotton

Boxer Delphine Petrolblau
Underwear made of Pima cotton

What a fantastic fit: our underwear is made from 100% finest Peruvian Pima cotton. Underwear that fits perfectly, feels fantastic and stays in shape.

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Other T-Shirts made of Pima cotton

T-Shirt Babette in Weiss
T-Shirts made of Pima cotton

They feel almost tender against the skin: our T-shirts made from 100% Pima cotton. But don’t underestimate them – they will still fit perfectly after countless washes, serving as long-lasting companions.

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