Remei organic cotton socks

Treating mankind and nature with respect is the key to sustained economic success

Under the hallmark of the bioRe® quality label, Remei AG, a Swiss trading company, has turned a vision into reality. The vision is to manufacture fashionable textiles from fair-trade organic cotton in a controlled and transparent chain of production. In 2011 Remei AG was celebrating 20 years of organic cotton by Remei.

Remei AG is coordinating 54 businesses, which means that they have a responsibility for approximately eighty to a hundred thousand people, above all over 8000 farmers in India and Tanzania. Numerous projects have been completed successfully, such as building some 2560 biogas plants, 2765 smokeless stoves, 18 village schools, and a training centre to promote organic cultivation.

All stages of production, from organic farming through processing to finished products, satisfy stringent ecological and social requirements audited by independent institutions.

Bio-Baumwolle von Remei

Double yarn

Urban Comfort socks, made from fair-trade organic cotton, are woven from the finest double yarn. Double yarn is a fibre twisted together into a single yarn from two individual strands. This makes the yarn very robust.

bioRe® philosophy

Everything Remei AG does is driven by the five principles below:

Organic: Promotion of, and conversion to, controlled organic farming and crop rotation

Fairness: Dignified conditions of work for farmer families and textile workers

Ecology: Out of respect for nature, no use of toxic chemicals

Transparency: Full product traceability and control over all stages of the process

Innovation: Long-term thinking and environmentally conscious use of resources involving reduction and offsetting of CO2 emissions, for example