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How do you relax?

☐ Shiatsu at lunchtime

☐ Football in the evening

☐ Netflix until midnight

Life is exhausting. We have to treat
ourselves well now and then – ideally all the time.

Treat yourself – switch off

Sometimes we’re sad. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we just want to be alone. Sometimes we want to hug everyone. Life is light and dark, and that’s what makes it great.

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What makes you happy?

☐ New customer

☐ New road bike

☐ New day

We’ve nothing against success and prosperity. But sometimes the morning air just feels that much better.


Boxer Josephine in Weiss

Our underwear: Fine underwear for stylish men.


How do you find your centre?

☐ Meditation

☐ Hiking

☐ Paintball

We all want to be happy. And happiness comes to those who find their own way.



What would be your perfect day at work?

☐ Promotion

☐ Bonus

☐ Instant dismissal

If you love life, you also love its drawbacks – and view each of them as a new challenge.



What would be your ideal break?

☐ Shopping in London

☐ Spa in the Engadin

☐ Appointment at a tattoo studio

Everyone amuses themselves in their own way. All that really matters in the end is that we feel happy.


Our shirts: Fine underwear for stylish men.

Bastienne - das klassische Business-Hemd






What do you still really want to do?

☐ Found a start-up

☐ Work abroad

☐ Total my car

Doing new things does not make us a different person. But it does make us a happier one.


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What would make your daily work easier?

☐ Fewer emails

☐ Fewer meetings

☐ Fewer busybodies

The most pleasant people are those who know what they can do – and most importantly, what they can’t.


Our shirts: Fine underwear for stylish men.

Bastienne - das klassische Business-Hemd






What music do you find relaxing?

☐ Piano by Beethoven

☐ Clarinet by Stamitz

☐ Guitar by The Edge

Taste is not a matter for debate: either you have it or you don’t.


Business Light gestreift

Our Bussiness Light stripes: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What revives your spirits?

☐ Espresso

☐ Cold shower

☐ They were never low

The more attention we pay as we go through life, the more beautiful things catch our eye.