Luxurious cashmere

Stylish men can get into the mood for the cold season with cashmere silk socks. The combination of 56% purest cashmere thread and 25% finest silk offers maximum comfort and will please even the most discerning of gentlemen.

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Finest Merino wool socks now also in different colours

Cold feet are a thing of the past. Our finest Merino wool socks regulate temperature and protect you from the heat and cold, ensuring that you always feel comfortable. As well as classic black, our Merino socks are now also available in sophisticated green and elegant blue.

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The luxury of not having to choose

Our bestselling business light socks are now available in a variety of colours, with or without stripes. We are offering an elegant box containing nine different socks designs. This also makes a perfect gift.

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Six funky socks in a single box

Choice without the agony thanks to the new Funky Box.

Should I, shouldn’t I ...? The Funky Box makes this question obsolete, as it contains six models of our Funky Socks. The hardest decision is going to be whether or not to keep the Funky Box for yourself.

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The gift sockscription

Happiness all year round with the gift sockscription! Just giving socks is boring! Do it better with our sockscription. This gives the recipient not just one gift, but several spread across the year – a gift for every celebration!

Who could be bored with that? With the sockscription you are giving more than just socks:

  • a year free of any sock sorrows
  • a year free of any sock sorting
  • not just one gift but several
  • a gift for every celebration!

A message gives every delivery a personal touch, ensuring that you are remembered all year round. And who wouldn't like getting multiple gifts over the year?

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Surprisingly different

Make the right style move for you. Men’s underwear comes in black or white, so why not black and white? Delphine boxer shorts with a checked design will cut a good figure without being fussy.

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For late decision-makers: a gift voucher

Not sure which product would be best, or already left it too late? Then we recommend our gift vouchers. We can email these over as a PDF as soon as your order is confirmed – just print it out and give it straight away.

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Other Our bestsellers

Our bestsellers

Discover our range’s bestsellers now! Test-winning quality socks, underwear and T-shirts made from finest Pima cotton, or elegant business shirts: what will it be?

All of our products are wonderfully comfortable to wear and feel silky soft against your skin. See for yourself and pick your favourites!


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