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20% Discount on All Funky Socks

We are celebrating five years of Funky Socks! Take advantage of a 20% discount on all Funky Socks until March 24, 2019. Enter the promo code “5YEARSFUNKY” in your shopping cart, and the discount will be shown immediately.

Funky Socks: Buy Extraordinary Socks

New Funky Socks collections are released regularly thanks to our collaboration with Philipp Fankhauser. The guitar on the heel signifies that these are the real deal – original Funky Socks from the Funky Socks shop. Only limited numbers of these extraordinary socks are produced. This means that every Funky Socks collection is a limited edition, and the Funky Socks are only available while supplies last. But no worries – you can easily order these cool socks from the Funky Socks online shop.

Funky Socks by Philipp Fankhauser

These extraordinary socks by Philipp Fankhauser have a rhythm of their own. A flash of these Funky Socks showing between your shoe and pants makes for a real talking point, leaving dreary small talk about the weather for another day. Checked socks, socks with dots and striped socks are to be found in every edition (volume) of Funky Socks. These limited-edition socks are made of mercerized cotton, polyamide and elastane, and are available in packs of 1, 2 and 6 pairs. Buy your Funky Socks today and get these crazy socks delivered straight to your door.

Buy Limited Edition Socks Online

Be inspired by the extraordinary socks in the Funky Socks collections and encourage others to do great things. For every volume, there is a Funky Box. It includes the six designs from the particular volume, neatly packed in a box. Treat yourself to these limited editions – either as individual pairs or as a boxed set, while supplies last – with free delivery worldwide! Do it like Philipp Fankhauser and move to the beat with Funky Socks.

Great socks and even better service.
Phil C.
Great socks, lot's of fun to wear. Blacksocks is a WIN!
Kevin F.
Pembroke Pines
Good quality products.
Travis A.
Good comfortable socks and yes, so funky and cool ...
Dennis S.
Calgary, AB