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We are celebrating five years of Funky Socks! Take advantage of a 20% discount on all Funky Socks until March 24, 2019. Enter the promo code “5YEARSFUNKY” in your shopping cart, and the discount will be shown immediately.

Dotted socks for men

Oval dots, round dots, dots ringed in white or different coloured dots? The Funky Socks collections always feature socks with dots: some with large dots to make a statement and some with smaller ones to just add little spots of colour. Dotted socks give you a casual look without sacrificing style.

Go dotty for socks

Brightly coloured dots show that you know how little details like socks can have a big impact, but also that you can be laid-back and relaxed. A dotted pattern with darker colours subtly sets you apart from the rest. By combining your simple garments with dotted socks, you can steal the spotlight even in an everyday outfit.

Our dotted socks for men are made largely from mercerised cotton, which is what gives them their slight sheen. They are reinforced in the toe and heel areas to prevent holes or fluff from forming. These socks are spot on for your outfit!

Great socks and even better service.
Phil C.
Great socks, lot's of fun to wear. Blacksocks is a WIN!
Kevin F.
Pembroke Pines
Good quality products.
Travis A.
Good comfortable socks and yes, so funky and cool ...
Dennis S.
Calgary, AB