Brightly Colored Socks Every Day

The brightly colored socks from the Funky Socks collection match your individual rhythm perfectly and make every day the best it can be. The colored socks with checks, dots and stripes know what it takes to put you in a good mood. Discover our Funky Socks collection with their dramatic patterns now.



Powerful Beats

Short days bring long nights. Don't let anything stand in your way; with the colorful socks from Volume 10, you can turn night into day. Feel the beat and let the rhythm take you over.

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Funky Socks set the tone

Philipp Fankhauser's Funky Socks make your outfit resound by playing music with every step. Find out more about our collaboration with Philipp Fankhauser and how the colorful socks first came about.

More about Philipp Fankhauser


Spring melodies

Show your funky side with the colorful socks from Funky Socks Volume 9. New sock designs invite you to roll up your trousers and add extra color to your everyday life.

These colorful socks inject some welcome brightness into the grey everyday – as individual pairs or in a funky sock box.

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Autumn melodies

The soundtrack to the shorter days surrounds you with a comfortable warmth and gives a new spin to your feet.

The patterned socks from Volume 8 get you in the mood for fall with their designs. Lean back and enjoy the music.

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Surprisingly colorful

Can’t decide which colorful socks are the ones for you? With the Funky Surprise Box, you will receive two surprise pairs of socks delivered straight to your door every three months. We choose for you, so you can concentrate on facing whatever comes your way in style. Enjoy regular surprises and ensure you make an extraordinary impression.

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Cuban sounds

Stroll down a dreamy Cuban promenade, along the beach and to Havana’s hotspots.

You're sure to be allured and to feel the beat with the colorful socks from Volume 7, available individually or as part of a Funky Box.

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Tuneful travels

The vibrant colors invigorate your outfit, make your look truly captivating and instantly play a leading role in your wardrobe.

The patterned socks from Volume 6 take you on a melodic journey with dots, stripes and checks.

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Invigorating rhythm

Rhythm in your soul is yesterday’s news: now rhythm also comes feet-sized.

The colorful socks from Volume 5 may not make your life easier, but they certainly make it brighter. Discover these fresh sock designs now.

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Nocturnal beats

This is no time to sit still. Follow the sounds of the night and set your toes tapping.

Whether dotted, zigzagged or checked, the colorful socks from Volume 4 turn night into day.

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Chilled sounds

The exciting socks from Volume 3 are inspired by the cool sea and the last of the summer sun.

These patterned socks keep summer alive on your feet and put music in your step.

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Late autumn sounds

The days are getting shorter, but your socks stay colorful. Head into autumn with the right rhythm in your feet.

Striped, dotted and checked – Volume 2 has it all.

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Colorful orchestra

A symphony of color and sounds – the brightly colored socks from Volume 1.

Some of these have unfortunately already SOLD OUT. Secure the last remaining patterned socks from our very first generation.

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Spirit in the seams

Our colorful socks are made in northern Italy.

This guarantees us not only top quality, but also 100% passion.

More about how the socks are made


Responsible sounds

The right quality is vital to ensure perfect harmony between socks and skin.

Our colorful socks are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that they have been proven to be 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested.

More about Oeko-Tex