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Easy-care Socks
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5 Survival Tips
For Your Socks
Easy-care Socks

How To Wash Socks The Easy Way

Looking after your socks the right way can extend their lives by several years. To ensure that your socks can keep delighting you for years to come, we have put together our top five survival tips – by way of replacement for the missing care labels, so to speak. Now you can be sure of the best way to wash and look after your socks.

If you have any other questions or comments about sock care, just drop us a line.

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1. Before Washing

Sharp objects such as kitchen knives, fountain pens, letter openers, corkscrews or heaven forbid... long toenails, can irreparably damage the fabric leaving you deprived from further sock pleasure. Side note: Gentlemen, if you wish to get OR hold on to a girlfriend, long toenails should be banished now and forever in any case.

To keep all of your clothes (not just your socks) safe in the washing machine, you should do up all the zippers on your clothing to prevent them damaging other items during the spin cycle.


2. Wash Your Socks, Don’t Scald Them

Treat your socks like living beings. Sure, they want to feel clean, but this is no reason to boil them alive. A bath at 40°C is sufficient to maintain good foot hygiene.

Cashmere silk socks, on the other hand, prefer a lukewarm bath in the sink to the washing machine, and Merino wool socks like temperatures of no more than 30°C.


Cashmere Silk Socks: How Do They Stay Soft?

Cashmere socks always feel soft against your skin and pamper you with their delicate fibers. In turn, you also need to take good care of them if you want them to stay nice and soft.

Cashmere silk socks can simply be aired out in the fresh air. If they need a little more, you can wash them in the sink and then leave them out to dry. This will keep the material soft for a long time to come.

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3. Gentle Sock Care Without Chemical Weapons

Socks are one of the few garments you wear close to your body. It is not fair to torture them with bleach or stain-remover. Delicate and wool detergents are all you need to look after your feet's second skin. Where possible, these should not contain enzymes, as these destroy the socks’ fibers.


4. Dry at Low Temperatures

Tumble drying is a torture device for your socks if you care about their longevity. A dryer produces lots of hot air and that becomes unbearable after a while. Spinning and hot air pulls small fibres from your socks so do keep your favourite socks away from those shuddering beasts!

Socks prefer to take it easy and enjoy hanging around, so a washing line is the best place to dry them.


Business Light Socks: Easy for Beginners

Business Light socks are made from mercerized cotton, making the material soft and smooth.

Two of these socks’ many selling points are that they offer a soft feel against your skin and are very easy to wash. Wash them at 40 degrees and they will dry very quickly.

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5. Don't forget: Socks are social beings!

In the wilderness socks are never alone, they generally like to hang out in pairs. On their own they feel lonely and useless. To prevent this, we suggest that you always remove your socks together, and keep them together during the waiting, washing and storing process until their next use. That way, you can prevent a solitary sock coming to an untimely end under a hotel bed, while the other one lies unused in the dark shadows at the back of a drawer.


How can a sockscription help me with sock washing?

With a sockscription, you regularly receive the same socks posted direct to your door free of charge. The benefit of this is that there is no longer any need to sort through your socks after a wash. You can also marry up a widowed sock with another from the sockscription.

This saves you time, both with shopping and your laundry. 

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