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Augustine is a pair of comfortable men’s briefs. Finest materials ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

  • Made from the finest Pima cotton
  • High-quality stretch material for a perfect fit
  • Soft elastic waistband
  • No opening
  • Produced to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


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Best underwear I've ever had.
Apr 22, 2016
Clifford Whitney, Vicksburg
These are excellent briefs with a great fit
Dec 26, 2015
James Estep, Houston

No more tedious shopping

My cousins, specialist retail and department store underwear, have already annoyed plenty of people. Generally, people buy various models to try. They try them at home and pick their favourite, and then head back into the store with a clear vision: ‘to buy more of the same underwear’.

My cousins eventually become floppy and you have to head back to the store. Unfortunately, your favourites are no longer available and you have to begin the decision process all over again. Our underwear subscription makes this problem a thing of the past. Until cancelled, we subscription underwear reach your home every four months as a two-pack - always in the same design.


No subscription traps

We subscription underwear want to be worn and see the world. Ending up left unused in a dark drawer is every item of underwear’s nightmare.

To make sure that you never have too much underwear, it is up to you to monitor your subscription: you choose if and when to renew, bring forward or end your subscription.

One month before renewal time, you will receive a letter from BLACKSOCKS to remind you and ensure that you don’t forget to renew. If only everything was so easy.


Convenient delivery

We subscription underwear fit as a pair in a cardboard box. The box is designed to fit in your letterbox. This means that we come straight to you even when you aren’t at home, without your having to make a trip to the post office – and all with free Priority shipping worldwide.


More free time

The sooner you subscribe to this underwear service, the more time you will save. We discovered this while investigating the time savings offered by our sockscription: you will save more than half a day per year.

Underwear has also been available as a subscription since 2007, solving another male problem. Save even more time with the underwear subscription. We expect the time savings to increase exponentially with various subscriptions.


Subscribe & take off

As a member of Miles & More you can gain double benefit from BLACKSOCKS: Free yourself of all underwear sorrows with the underwear subscription and also collect valuable award miles from Miles & More.

Once you have collected enough award miles, the world is open to you and you can enjoy a free flight on your next holiday.

More about Miles & More


‘Made in Europe’

Although I have a French name, I come from a clothing manufacturer in the European part of Turkey.

This family company, founded in 1978, creates high-quality briefs such as me with a great passion for detail, as well as other underwear and T-shirt models from the BLACKSOCKS range.


Finest Pima cotton

I am comfortable all day long and feel great to wear, thanks to my 95% finest Pima cotton.

This cotton is better known as the silk of South America and thanks to particularly long threads is silky soft, wonderfully durable and feels great against the skin.

5% elastane and an edged elastic waistband also ensure that I provide a perfect fit and am comfortable all day long.

More about Pima cotton


100% good for the skin

I am good for you and your skin. I have been tested and I meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

This standard requires me to be 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. This is important, since we often forget that underwear is worn directly against the skin, in a damp and warm climate subjected to friction.

More about Oeko-Tex®


Popular since 2009

I am no one-day wonder, as I have been a member of BLACKSOCKS’s briefs range since 2009. I have been cutting a good figure ever since and impressing with my high quality and perfect fit.


Also in white and petrol blue

In order to keep everyday underwear life exciting, I have always been available in white and since autumn 2013 also in elegant petrol blue. I bring a bit of much-needed variety to your underwear drawer with an injection of excitement.

Augustine briefs in white

Augustine briefs in petrol blue

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