T-Shirt Suzette Schwarz

Suzette T-shirt in black: stylish V-neck

The Suzette T-shirt entices with top-quality materials which are wonderfully comfortable to wear. The T-shirt remains invisible beneath a shirt thanks to its V-neck.

  • Top quality fine ribbing
  • 100% cotton (pima)
  • Perfect fit
  • Produced to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100


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This is a great product for everyone.
Jul 23, 2018
Edjan P., Davao City
It is an outstanding T-shirt.
Mar 6, 2017
Robert B., roslyn
The Suzette t-shirt is well made and fits exactly right.
Jan 25, 2017
David M., Arlington
Excellent and essential
May 10, 2016
Pietro C., New Malden
The material on this T-shirt is awesome.
Oct 28, 2015
Jeremie C., Saint-Jacques
Just perfect
Dec 26, 2014
Udo H., Zollikon

Made in Europe

Although I have a French name, I come from a clothing manufacturer in the European part of Turkey.

This family company, founded in 1978, creates high-quality T-shirts such as me with a great passion for detail, as well as other T-shirts and underwear models from the BLACKSOCKS range.


Pima cotton & fine ribbing

The materials used in the manufacturing process are vital to ensure that we make good T-shirts which are comfortable to wear and feel soft and smooth against the skin.

I am made of 100% finest Peruvian Pima cotton, better known as the silk of South America, with high-quality fine ribbing. Long fibres and a smooth texture make this cotton particularly special to wear.

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100% good for the skin

I am good for you and your skin. I have been tested and I meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

This standard requires me to be 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. This is important, since we often forget that T-shirts are worn directly against the skin, in a damp and warm climate subjected to friction.

More on Oeko-Tex®


Also in white

I have been available in black since 2010. However, I joined the BLACKSOCKS range three years before - in the colour white.

Suzette T-shirt in white


Also in navy

As well as black and white, I am now also available in classic navy blue. The T-shirt will freshen up your wardrobe with its perfect fit and dark blue colour.

Suzette T-shirt in navy

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