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How does the sockscription work?

How does the
sockscription work?

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Are you still making individual purchases or do you already have a sock subscription?

These days, our lives are so complicated that something is always being forgotten – like the need to replenish our sock supply. You can, of course, order your socks from us one pair at a time, but a sockscription is far more straightforward.

With the sockscription, you will receive the socks you urgently need, without having to do anything since 1999. This dramatically changes the relationship between man and sock. You no longer have to be actively involved – we will take care of everything for you.

You can choose between the original sockscription with several deliveries of 3 pairs of socks or the extreme sockscription of 12 pairs of socks per year. That means that all your socks will wear at the same rate. Sock subscription beats studying.

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The concept:

«Like a newspaper, you receive socks through the letterbox at regular intervals. Ideally, always the same design.»

Why does this require a sockscription?

Quite simply, because:

  • No-one likes buying socks.
  • Everyone constantly needs socks.
  • No-one likes sorting socks after the wash.
  • Individual sock orphans will always find a pair!

Solve your sock problems

Why does this require a sockscription?


Your time matters

Save 12.8 hours of your precious time a year by taking out a sockscription. We have studied this in great detail.

Save time


A different color with every delivery

The sockscription is flexible. In your account, you can build your own subscription, choose a different colour for each delivery and change your delivery dates. Every delivery will still contain all of the same. The sockscription has never been more exciting!

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Annual sockscriptions

Our sockscriptions are annual subscriptions. After a year, the subscription will be automatically renewed for another year, just like a newspaper subscription. One month before renewal, you will be reminded of the upcoming renewal by email. You can stop the automatic renewal at any time in your MyAccount area, as well as postpone the renewal or repeat an order.

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Who invented it?

The idea arose from an embarrassing meeting and developed into a product, which finally morphed into BLACKSOCKS. While there is now a myriad of product subscriptions available on the internet, the sockscription was the first.

How it all began


Last century's prices

We launched the original sockscription in summer 1999 and we have never increased our prices since.

1999 prices

Order arrived very quickly
Jeanne Hatjoullis
Lytham St Annes
Fantastic shirt..
Thomas Foerst
great quality
Sverre Stornes
Product quality is good.
Katrin Reichmuth

Other Subscription beats studying

Abo Wadensocken Classic
Subscription beats studying

With the sockscription you will receive three pairs of socks at regular intervals, sent direct to your door by post. Say goodbye to tedious shopping and the tiresome job of sorting socks after washes.

Choose the easiest relationship between men and socks – the sockscription!

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