Conveniently delegated.

Conveniently delegated.

Take care of my socks



Treat yourself to the luxury of always having fresh socks in the drawer, and the convenience of making sure that after a wash your socks will always match. With a sock subscription you will receive three pairs of socks at regular intervals (like a newspaper subscription), posted directly to your door.

And did we mention that you can collect air miles with a sockscription?

Say goodbye to the stress of shopping and simply sit back and relax.

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Abo Wadensocken Classic
Sit back and relax

You can of course keep buying your socks from us one by one, but a much more convenient option is a sockscription.

A sock subscription gives you the socks you need without you having to do anything. You can choose between the original sockscription with multiple deliveries of three pairs of socks, and the extreme sockscription with one 12-pair delivery per year.

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Philippe Slama
Another happy customer!
Steve Greensill
wonderful socks!
Charles Abou-Ganim
Las Vegas
Excellent service and great quality
Dean Jovic
Wilen bei Wollerau
Beautiful black socks
Robert Brady
My husband just Loves his Blacksocks!
Rachel Harvey
Good socks good service fair price
William David Smashey
As expected, high blacksocks quality.
Christoph Deckers
Neil Oliver

Ready and waiting

how does the subscription work?


Give a little happiness

Do you know someone who hates shopping and could just do with a sockscription?

You can have the first delivery sent to you or straight to the recipient – it’s entirely up to you. You can of course also send a personal message with a gift sockscription.

To send a gift sockscription, just choose the ‘GIFT’ option when selecting a product.

Give a little happiness


Stay in control

You can see how many deliveries you have left at any time by visiting your user account.

Your sock subscription will be automatically renewed after a year. A month before the renewal, we will send you an email to let you know that renewal time is coming up.

You can cancel or postpone your renewal at any time or place repeat orders in your user account.

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Dezente Socken

Add some variety

With our sockscriptions, you can change individual deliveries at any time so that you receive blue, green or red socks rather than the standard black.

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The underwear subscription

Forget about annoying underwear shopping and take care of your underwear once and for all.

With an underwear subscription, we send two pairs of underwear conveniently to your door every four months.

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Zeit sparen

Convenient time savings

Your time is precious. Save yourself the effort of shopping with a sockscription.

Make the most of your extra free time – 12.2 hours a year, to be precise.

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The t-shirt subscription

Have you found the perfect t-shirt and just want more of the same?

With the t-shirt subscription, we send you two t-shirts every four months.

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One order, regular surprises

The Funky Surprise Box gives you choice without the agony: place one order, and every three months, you will receive two colourful, exciting designs of our Funky Socks. We choose for you, allowing you to mix up your outfit and face anything in style.

Enjoy regular surprises and ensure you make a positive impression. The only thing we tell you is whether you are getting dots, stripes or checks.

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Birth of the sockscription

An embarrassing meeting became an idea, the idea became a product and finally the product became BLACKSOCKS.

The sock subscription is probably the first ever online product subscription.

How it all began


Where do socks disappear to?

Has it happened to you? You wash two socks but only one emerges from the washing machine.

You can solve this problem with the sockscription, but we still wanted to find out what was causing it.

Find out the answer