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Other Merino wool socks: natural high-tech

Merino wool socks: natural high-tech

Warm feet even on cold days

Our calf socks made from Merino wool are breathable and odour-resistant, and ensure that your feet stay warm even on cold days.

Say goodbye to cold feet

Merino wool – truly clever

Merino wool is one of the most refined and valuable natural fibres there is. Wool is often underestimated but has unique properties, such as its natural heat regulation. It can absorb water vapour within its fibres, but the surface deflects water.

Relative to their overall volume, up to 85% of woollens are made up of air, making them good insulators, as heat from the body finds it difficult to escape. Unlike artificial fibres, wool hardly absorbs any odours and has a natural self-cleaning function. Any smells absorbed are released back into the air and the wool has a neutral odour again after a short time.

Extraordinary heat regulation properties

The extraordinary heat regulation properties inherent in Merino wool are most convincing, even though it is finer than conventional wool and thus feels silky and soft against the skin. Moreover, it has impressively varied functionality: it warms in cool temperatures and keeps cool in summer.

Over time, Merino sheep, which live in Australia and New Zealand, have adapted to the unique topography and developed a fleece which withstands these extraordinary climatic conditions and temperature fluctuations of 50 degrees and more.

More natural properties

This wonder-wool is also breathable, neutralises odours and draws moisture away from the skin. Regrettably, wool in general is often undervalued. It can absorb water vapour in the interior of the fibre while at the same time repelling it from the surface. Wool can absorb up to one third of its dry weight in water without feeling damp. And unlike artificial fibres, wool hardly absorbs any odours and has a natural self-cleaning function.

With a clear conscience

Merino sheep are good wool producers thanks to the shape of their skin folds. However, flies like to lay their eggs in these skin folds, which then produce dangerous parasites. To prevent this, plate-sized flaps of skin are cruelly cut away from the young animal’s buttock area in a procedure called ‘mulesing’.

We only use Merino wool from animals that are guaranteed not to have been subjected to mulesing. This costs a little more, but we owe it to the sheep and your conscience.

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