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Dress codes are a science in their own right. They range from casual to casually formal to formal, and from very formal to highly official and highly festive. It is important that your clothing always fits the event, the circumstances, your age, and your physique. Contrasts (black-white) generally seem more professional than combinations of the same color.

Irrespective of whether in everyday business or private life - try not to put your foot in it with regard to style. Ties with cartoon characters, childish batik patterns or over-dimensional company logos have no place in the business world. Clothing should not be too tight, too loose, or too old-fashioned. Visibly naked calves, white socks, brown shoes with a black suit, or suspenders with evening wear are also taboo.

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Other ‘Casual’ dress code

‘Casual’ dress code

Casual means leisure wear – not to be confused with the well-known ‘baggy’ look. Outfits might include a shirt or polo shirt with jeans or chinos. You can definitely leave your tie in the wardrobe.

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Other ‘Smart casual’ dress code

‘Smart casual’ dress code

This dress code, combining sportiness with easy elegance, offers plenty of scope for choice. It doesn’t have to mean a dark suit and a tie: you could for example go for slacks or corduroy trousers and a shirt or polo shirt with a jacket. Dark-colored jeans would also work.

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Other ‘Business casual’ dress code

‘Business casual’ dress code

‘Business casual’ is for relaxed business lunches, after work, or on business trips. Your jeans stay behind in the wardrobe, replaced by elegant slacks. A classic suit with a plain shirt, tie, and knee-high socks is also fine.

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Other ‘Business attire’ dress code

‘Business attire’ dress code

Business environments expect a serious and elegant appearance. Put on a dark single-breasted or double-breasted suit, a plain shirt, a tie and socks in a matching color. Only take your jacket off if it gets hot. Bare skin showing between your socks and the bottom of your trousers when you sit down is also a definite no.

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Other ‘Black tie’ dress code

‘Black tie’ dress code

Formal events always call for dark clothes. Combine a black dinner jacket with a waistcoat or cummerbund, a white dress shirt, and of course a black bow tie. You’ll be perfectly dressed for any formal evening celebration!

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Other ‘White tie’ dress code

‘White tie’ dress code

The more formal the event, the more elegant the dress code. ‘White tie’ calls for tails. Wear them with a white dress shirt and a handmade white silk bow tie – never a necktie. In this outfit you’ll fit right in at the Vienna Opera Ball.

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