What do you think of
when you hear the word «office»?

• Meetings that are too long

• Lunches that are too short

• Mucking around with Philip from Marketing

Business people are only human. We hope that you are surrounded by as
many good people as possible. And that your feet are surrounded by good material.

top-class men

‘Business people are only human’

Sometimes we’re sad. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we just want to be alone. Sometimes we want to hug everyone. Life is light and dark, and that’s what makes it great.

Blacksocks offers fine undergarments for top-class men, ensuring that they feel comfortable all day long. And not least because our socks, underwear, T-shirts, polo shirts and shirts are also available as a practical subscription.

Try out the quality of our products for yourself by ordering a test pair of socks!

Business Light Schwarz

Our socks: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What is your best quality?

☐ Reliability

☐ Resilience

☐ Sending funny memes on a daily basis

Do you think we spend all our time at the office talking about sock subscriptions? We too enjoy unflattering depictions of certain presidents!


Boxer Josephine Weiss

Our underwear: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What do you always have in your suit pocket?

☐ Fountain pen

☐ Business card

☐ Leftover weed

Since 1999, we have advocated for an open, liberal world with equal rights, where everyone looks as good as they feel. And it’s been a lot longer than that on a personal level.


T-Shirt Babette schwarz

Our t-shirts: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What do you like about yourself?

☐ I am hardworking

☐ I am honest

☐ I am me

We value hard work and honesty but most of all we value dealing with people who know and like themselves. And those who make the best of a mistake.



Our Funky Socks: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What must your partner stand out for?

☐ Good body

☐ Similar interests

☐ Sense of humour, sense of humour, sense of humour

From our experience, we can tell you: It’s not ‘honesty is the best policy’ but ‘humour is the best policy’.


Lucienne - das taillierte Business-Hemd

Our shirts: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What is your dream car?

☐ German SUV

☐ American sports car

☐ Small Italian car

In a world full of statements, can you make one that goes against the trend (have you seen our colourful striped socks)?


Wadensocken Braun

Our sockscription: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What would you like to eradicate from the world?

☐ Hunger

☐ Nuclear weapons

☐ Philip from Marketing

We would like to suggest concentrating on Philip’s qualities and not his flaws. This would be the best contribution towards a better world. We are also making one.


Poloshirt Pierrette – sportlich-elegant in den Frühling

Our poloshirts: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What are you working on at the moment?

☐ The global political situation

☐ The global economic situation

☐ Danielle from Sales

We are happy when great guys like you get closer to another great person. And as this person will probably see you in a more personal setting soon, we would like to take the opportunity to point out our well-cut underwear.


Business Light gestreift

Our Bussiness Light stripes: Fine underwear for stylish men.

Other Our bestsellers

Our bestsellers

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