Premium boxers and briefs for men who expect the best

Premium boxers and briefs
for men who expect the best

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Looking for the perfect pair of briefs?

Men's briefs are worn directly next to the skin for hours every day. In such circumstances, only the best quality will suffice. Our briefs are painstakingly crafted, made of the finest cotton and exceptionally comfortable to wear.

There are no irritating labels, and flat seams and a comfortable cut ensure that these briefs fit like a dream all day and withstand all the strains of daily life.

See for yourself just how comfortable and well-made our boxers and briefs are!

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Other Boxers or briefs?

Boxer Delphine Petrolblau
Boxers or briefs?

Our boxer collection consists of two different styles: our Delphine boxers are the most popular style in our product range. They are made from premium Pima cotton and offer a perfect fit and optimum comfort.

Our Josephine boxers are made of 100% premium Pima cotton. The premium fine rib is soft and comfortable to the touch.

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Above average
Kevin Ford
Love the quality and the feel
Kevin Ford
most comfortable and durable boxers I ever owned
Ray Kowalski
As expected, high blacksocks quality.
Christoph Deckers
Good quality
Emmanuel Maduabum
Excellent quality..
Emmanuel Maduabum
Love this underwear!
John Haefner
Well made, excellent material, fit and finish.
Anthony Sacco
San Jose
Great Fit!
Chad Grossenkemper
Kansas City

Premium Pima cotton

Underwear is worn next to the skin all day long. That's why our boxers and briefs use one of the highest-quality cotton yarns in the world: Pima cotton. Pima cotton is prized for its exceptionally long, silky fibers. Silky Pima cotton will keep your skin feeling good all day long. The long fibers also make the briefs extremely durable and ensure that they stay in top condition for a long time.

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Other Augustine brief

Augustine brief

When it comes to our briefs, the focus is on quality rather than quantity: we offer one premium brief style in three colors. Allow us to introduce the Augustine brief – a men's brief that offers a perfect fit, never lets you down and always feels great on the skin.

This flyless brief is perfect for sports, but also looks great under a suit and doesn't leave lines.

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very comfortable
Georges Mikenberg
very comfortable
Georges Mikenberg
Best underwear I've ever had.
Clifford Whitney
These are excellent briefs with a great fit
James Estep

Certified no-risk

All of our underwear meets Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. That means they're 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. So you can always be sure that you're wearing the best – and best-tested – quality next to your skin.

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Size table

The perfect size for everyone

Quality also means finding the size that will guarantee a comfortable fit. We offer all of our underwear in sizes small to XL, and our Josephine boxers also come in XXL. So you'll be sure to find the right size for you.

Overview of sizes

The history of underwear

The history of men's underwear goes all the way back to Adam and Eve: ashamed of their nakedness, they used fig leaves to cover their privates and thus invented underwear. The Romans proved more civilized, though medieval barbarians later undid their progress. It was not until the 1860s and 70s that underwear as we know it today was invented. More recently, underwear has even emerged as a service, with subscriptions providing regular deliveries.

More history

Geschichte der Unterwäsche

Other Subscription beats studying

Subscription beats studying

With the underwear subscription, every four months you are sent two pairs of fresh underwear made from the finest Pima cotton – and always with delivery free of charge. Say goodbye to tedious shopping and keep your underwear drawer consistently stocked!

Choose the easiest interface between man and underwear – the underwear subscription!

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At BLACKSOCKS, men will find underwear made from the finest Pima cotton, a material that guarantees a comfortable fit and feels great on the skin. Thanks to its flat seams, our underwear doesn't pinch, rub or dig into the skin, while the snug fit ensures that there are no unflattering lines, even under a business suit.

In our online underwear store, you'll find a small but impressive selection of men's underwear in black, white and petrol blue. With three different underwear styles, there's something for everyone. The Delphine boxers offer a snug fit without a fly and feature a 95% Pima cotton blend. The 5% elastane content gives the underwear its stretchiness and ensures an excellent, comfortable fit at all times. Our premium Josephine boxers feature a 100% cotton fine rib and somewhat shorter legs, making them elastic and snug-fitting. With these boxers underneath, even the longest business meetings will be a breeze. The Augustine brief features a classic design without legs. This perfectly fitting flyless brief is also made of Pima cotton, and is painstakingly designed to prevent it from digging into the skin or leaving lines under a suit or pants. The men's brief is especially suitable for sports or under tight pants.

As you can see, our focus is on quality, not quantity – three premium underwear styles that all boast amazing comfort, a great fit and timeless design. High-quality, breathable materials are ideal for men's underwear worn directly next to the skin. That's why we use premium Pima cotton from Peru to make our underwear. Our underwear is also certified under Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and is therefore 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested.

Order underwear in our online store now and take advantage of our convenient subscription offer. You'll regularly receive two pairs of boxers or briefs delivered to your house with free shipping, saving you the stress of shopping.