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Do you have big feet? Our range also includes oversized socks. Our chart shows you which styles are available in which sizes at a glance.

Socks up to size 48


Socks in sizes 48 to 52


Sock range up to size 52

We cannot claim to have a large range – but we do have large sizes. Whether you need socks in sizes 49, 50, 51 or even 52, we can help. We offer our “Business light” socks, Cashmere Silk Socks, sneaker socks and Merino wool socks are only available up to size 48.

Our two bestsellers - calf socks in black and knee socks - are on offer up to size 52. We aren’t trying to discriminate here – in fact, quite the opposite. Our statistics have taught us that sizes 49 to 52 only make up 0.4% of our sales.

Other Socks from size 47

Wadensocke Schwarz
Socks from size 47

Looking for large socks? Have a look through and choose your favourite socks.

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Oversized socks for men

Shoe and sock size is dependent on height. A statistician has taken the time to calculate the correlation between height and shoe size:

  • 165 cm - shoe size 39
  • 168 cm - shoe size 42
  • 170 cm – shoe size 41
  • 173 cm - shoe size 43
  • 175 cm - shoe size 44
  • 180 cm - shoe size 45
  • 186 cm - shoe size 45
  • 193 cm - shoe size 46

Analysis shows that the average shoe size in central Europe is 43. But who really is average? For this reason, we offer all of our classic men’s socks in sizes up to 47 or 48. Our classic knee-high socks and calf socks are even available up to shoe sizes 49 to 52.

Georg Wessels – a German specialist in bespoke oversized shoes – makes men’s shoes up to size 69, where even we can no longer keep up.

Other Our bestsellers

Our bestsellers

Discover our range’s bestsellers now! Test-winning quality socks, underwear and T-shirts made from finest Pima cotton, or elegant business shirts: what will it be?

All of our products are wonderfully comfortable to wear and feel silky soft against your skin. See for yourself and pick your favourites!


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